Black Clover chapter 285 Spoilers, Raw and release date

Ey up guys. So that took a week more than we thought it would. Here’s hoping Tabata’s feeling alright. I’ve been starting to sort out my room again, after moving everyone else’s stuff I am finally able to get to my drawers and wear more than the same few shirts I’ve been wearing these past……two months. Yeesh. Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 285 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 284 Discussion:

So there was a lot this week…….I’ll try to not ramble too much but I can’t make any promises. First we meet Dryad, the Deity of the Elves. She seems like an elemental spirit, perhaps for the forest itself? Whatever the case, she’s bright, preppy and loud. So everything the Clover Knights weren’t expecting. She seems to have some clairvoyance though whether that is her magic affinity or just an aspect of her abilities isn’t clear currently.

Patri explains that the Ultimate Magic they will teach the kids is normally something humans cannot cast as they do not have the vast quantities of mana required, unlike the Elves. But as the kids managed to attain True Magic by absorbing natural mana, via the Heart Kingdom tutelage, they can take that method and apply it to Ultimate Magic and thus creating what is essentially “artificial Ultimate Magic” and thus their six months of training weren’t in vain. Dryad then says to become acquainted with the origin of souls and physically draw closer to mana. Just what that means is it’s own kettle of fish…….

We then get an awesome looking group shot of the Clover Knights and Heart Spirit Guardians all unleashing True Magic spells upon the horde of Devils in front of them. Also confirms Potrof is there too. Somehow True Cotton got a chuckle out of me, not sure why really. It wipes out all the Devils, and revalidates the Spirit Guardians somewhat.

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Sally is the fandom self-insert here fangirling out over what they/we all just witnessed. At the back of the horde two devils remain standing, but then they are suddenly grabbed by giant hands behind them and seem to be……..absorbed. We then see who these hands belong to, a quartet of Mid-Ranking Devils. We then get a mini-flashback to Dryad stating that a lot of mana can be enough to deal with lower level Devils but Mid-Ranks need something more. As everyone stands in horror/contemplation, Luck chuckles and calls them perfect play-mates, and let’s see how much my Ultimate Magic can do.

The (seeming) leader of the Mid-Ranks charges up a blast of some sort (I mean obviously it’s magic but we don’t know the kind). But before they can release it their arm is cut in half by a flash of lightning from, you guessed it, Luck. The blast explodes in place, destroying the arm with it. Before any of the Devils can respond, Luck carries on this spell (Ultimate Lightning Magic: Lightning Battle Fiend) and cuts through all four of them in mere moments. They all look confused as their dismembered parts fall to the floor.

Luck appears to have a ring of lightning balls floating behind him, reminiscent of the Shinto Thunder God Raijin who is typically depicted with a circle of drums behind him. Also rather reminiscent of Asta’s Devil Union Mode with similar floating rings behind him. We then look at the castle as it appears to be simultaneously on fire and freezing over. The final page is the two Devils from earlier, and Nacht stabbed all over with icicles. Oh dear…………

OK wow. For 14 pages that was a LOT of stuff. So first off just what is Dryad? As I said it’s hard to tell exactly. She may just be a Forest Spirit who has lived in Elysia for eternity like how Undine has lived in the Heart Kingdom for about a millennia it seems. Perhaps she is an Elf, but an extremely potent one. Or she is an actual deity, a God, but a lower ranking one. Only Tabata knows, so we’ll wait and see.

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The line about finding the origin of souls is a curious one. What does it mean? That understanding souls means understanding mana better, become better accustomed to it so that it becomes a part of you? Perhaps like a muscle or instinct. That having a better understanding of one’s self would allow for better Magic, or more accurate Ultimate Magic? I feel either this is a throw away line or it will become something that comes back to be incredibly significant in the future. It kind of reminds me of how Fairy Tail tried to explain what Mana and Ethernanos were.

So Ultimate Magic… basically just that? It kind of reminds me of Sage Mode, as did True Magic in that they absorb Mana from nature around them and incorporate it into their magic as Naruto performed Senjutsu to mix natural Chakra with his own to boost all his stats. It’ll be interesting to see just what this entails in the future and how Ultimate Magic manifests in each of the Clover Knights who trained in Elysia. Wonder where Secre is, we saw her in the groupshot last chapter though then again she can’t exactly “fire” Sealing Magic at an enemy.

Black Clover Chapter 285 Spoilers & Predictions:

So we’re probably going to just keep with the Spade Kingdom for now and see what is happening with Jack and Nacht. I mean obviously things aren’t looking good but a bit more specific. Given the speed with which we’re moving I wouldn’t be surprised if next chapter Asta and co arrive and save Nacht.

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We may see what is happening to everyone inside that castle, Yuno seemed to be holding his own but given how it’s going for the others I wouldn’t be surprised if this is where the tables start to turn for him too. Last we saw of Vanica she was ready to tear Charlotte a new one so we may find them in the process of said new one being torn or already torn. That sounded less stupid in my head I swear……..given Noelle was ready for round two with Vanica we could see that too.

Maybe we’ll jump back to the Clover Kingdom and the Black Bulls preparing to go to Spade. OK I’m running out of options I’ll admit but there’s not many other places to go without really stretching the boundaries of belief. Says the guy making posts about a series involving demons, gods and elves……….

Black Clover Chapter 285 Release date:

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