Black Clover chapter 284 Spoilers, Raw and release date

Ey up guys. This week I’m going through The Dillinger Escape Plan’s discography. I listened to plenty of songs and Dissociation when it came out but not much else. I caught part of them live at Download Fest 2017 but not the full set. Remember Festivals? When we could go outside and mingle with thousands of strangers in a muddy field? I miss those days……..anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 284 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 283 Discussion:

We start with Asta proclaiming to head to Spade, but Gimodelo says he can’t as he is unable to perform extreme long-distance teleportation without Nacht, who couldn’t perform it right now anyway. Gee Gimodelo whatever could you mean……..Asta contemplates their next move when suddenly the Devil Union ends in mid air and they start to plummet to the floor. When all of a sudden a portal opens up and they land on some castle floor.

A group walk towards them saying it would be pretty cold of them to go to Spade alone. Asta’s face changes from surprise to a massive grin. Gee I wonder who that could be……electric boogaloo…..

We hop over to Spade where the citizens are fleeing and we get a glorious shot of the Mage Defence Force battling the rampaging Devils. Then we see citizens being submerged in Gel Salamanders before being led to a ring of Snowmen with the remaining Clover forces inside. It seems that Makusa (the mage seemingly in charge of Sally & co) can utilise his Snow Magic to hide the citizens whilst Valtos uses his Spatial Magic to teleport them to safety.

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As the Devils start to overwhelm the Spade Mages, they are blasted by a massive jet of fire. It turns out to be Fuegoleon and the Fire Spirit, which delivers another giant blast of fire at the Devils. Kentucky Fried Devil anyone?………..anyway, they all continue to fight the Devils but then a few break through Makusa’s Snow Magic and lunge at the citizens.

A few Spade Mages hold try to hold them off when a gigantic blast of energy rips through the Devils, whilst managing to leave the Mages unharmed. These Mages and Fuego turn to see who it was and we get another fantastic double page spread of the Heart Spirit Guardians, Patri, Leopold, Mimosa, Luck, Noelle, Secre and Charmy looking ready to kick aaaaaall the collective Devil asses in the vicinity.

Oh boy that ending was so much damn hype. Well the whole damn chapter was. The main thing was DID WE FINALLY GET MAGNA AND ZORA BACK?! AT LEAST THEIR SHOES?! MAYBE?! pretty please I’m not sure if this is funny or sad anymore. It was nice to see Sally & co be utilised in the way they did. Also Sekke’s outer bravery/internal terror was as funny as ever.

Luck and Gadja’s lightning blast was cool, I assumed it was them from how they mentioned the citizens were guarded throughout. Man Gadja looked piiiiiiiiiiiissed off in that final part, and no surprise either. He is gonna be gunning for Morris for sure especially if he finds out what he did to Loropechika.

I was a tad surprised to not see the rest of the Eye of the Midnight Sun top 3 (Fana, Raia and Vetto) but then again perhaps they’re guarding Elysia whilst Patri goes to fight the Devils. Then again I couldn’t see Potrof either despite the other Spirit Guardians there so maybe they’re in the back of the group? Or maybe he’s also guarding Heart with Undine, though I do wonder what’s up with her considering last time we saw her she was in a baaaaaaaad way.

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Black Clover Chapter 284 Spoilers & Predictions:

So chances are this next chapter is gonna be the rest of the Cavalry coming in to join the Kick-Devil-Butt-Party. I could see Mars and some Diamond Mages appearing too given everyone else is here. Hopefully the Spirit Guardians finally get a moment to show off, I liked them and didn’t mind them getting defeated given how they’d had no screen time and the way it was written didn’t feel cheap to me. But still they do deserve some moment to shine they are THE top Mages in Heart that’s gotta mean something. Given Sarado, the Earth Spirit Guardian, helped train Charlotte during the timeskip and now Charlotte is in a bit of a spot with Vanica maybe she’ll save her here.

Maybe we’ll see what the Black Bulls were up to before they came to collect Asta. Perhaps seeing him defeat the Demon God inspired them out of their funk and to get moving? Or maybe Magna and Zora’s return did that. At least I hope so, someday that’s gotta work out right………if I will it into existence enough right……anyway there were five pairs of shoes there, which is more than the remaining members. Finral, Vanessa, Magna, Zora, Grey, Gauche and Gordon………obviously Finral is there and good chance Vanessa is too. The other 3 spots are up for debate.

Given the kids who ended up in Elysia (Noelle, Luck, Secre, Charmy, Leopold and Mimosa) are there along with Patri it seems almost guaranteed we’ll see just what this Ultimate Magic is. I probably said this before but I reckon it may be like when Licht took in all the Elves Magic for his spell that nearly wiped Zagred out of existence.

Black Clover Chapter 284 Release date:

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