Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 303 Spoilers, Bnha 303 Raw scans

This chapter starts right back where we left off last week, the Todoroki family origins, where Endevaour has made the decision to keep Shoto separate from the family. Endeavour also tells his wife to never let Toya out of her sights, he’s clearly now been deemed dangerous, Endeavour himself kept himself away from Toya to try and stop reminding him of the hero world and superheroes in general but from another point of view this can be seen as neglecting his child or running away from the issue.

My Hero Academia 302 Discussion:

Toya went on in life, growing up to 13 years old, his father forcing him into the realms of normal life, but Toya doesn’t want it, the flames he produces from his quirk burn hot, but his desire to show his father he is in fact not a “failed product” burns so much deeper than anything he can’t help but be obsessed with proving his worth, to the point where he is harassing his siblings over it, his brother in particular Natsu bearing the brunt of his intensity.

Toya sees the way his younger brother Shoto is being treated by his father and feels guilt over the separation of the siblings, but also a sense of jealously lies deeper, he still wishes his father would train him, which is why he still sneaks off to practice his quirk in the mountains away from prying eyes of anyone who might try and stop him.

His mother does try to keep him from going and tries to convince him that there are other things he could be doing, but Toya snaps back at his mother saying how she was sold off to Endeavour because her parents were poor and she had no choice but to become part of Endeavours experiment in creating the strongest hero, which in Toyas eyes makes his mother complicit with the experiment that created him, his purpose in life in his opinion was determined to become the strongest hero, and his pride didn’t allow him to settle for being a failed product.

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Toya made a conclusion that his firepower was related to his mental state, and when he got a growth spurt, his flames also turned from red to blue. Now looking at that on a deeper level, this could be an indication of his inner mental health, where before his powers were red due to his heated emotions, the blue indicates an indifference towards the world, his mother earlier asked him if he actually really wanted to become a hero, it seems Toyas goal had shifted from wanting to be a hero towards wanting to prove to his father that he wasn’t a failure, which is not what anyone wanted.

Toya decides to ask his father to come up to the mountain where they used to practice so he can show off his new powers, but his father responds angrily to this, blaming his wife for not keeping Toya from using his quirk, which in the end scar him for life, as his thoughts regarding his father kept his flames getting hotter and hotter as his inner thoughts get more and more intense, and just as his thoughts of proving his father wrong consume his thoughts, his quirk consumes his body.

After Toyas “death” Endeavour poured all his energy into Shoto, he decided that if he stopped training Shoto then Toyas death would have been in vain, so he had to see it through to the end and make sure that Shoto became his prized hero, whilst Rei fell deeper and deeper in mental instability till her incident with Shoto.

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Fuyumi tried her best to paper over the cracks, but that was all she could do, pretend everything was ok and hope for the best whilst Natsuo doesn’t even hide his disdain for his father, who he still and probably will forever blame for the entire situation.

In the end the conversation comes back around to Shoto, how Shoto by being helped out at school, his friends especially Deku made him change into the person he is now, a person that forgave his mother for the burn she branded him with, Shoto can be the saving grace of the family and bring them all back together so they can fight and defeat Dabi, who is the very worst of the Todoroki family.

My Hero Academia chapter 303 predictions:

Well the family drama seems to have climaxed, so bringing Endeavour back will be the next port of call, and finally now we’ll probably see Deku doing whatever he is doing in his coma, which is obviously going to result in a powerup to match up with Shigi, or at least keep him within touching distance of his sworn enemy.

Dekus new powers will be interesting to say the least, I am thinking that he could be due to have a defensive powerup because his body keeps taking a pummelling, so at some point he’s going to need to need to find a way around that, and a defensive quirk seems to be a good way to overcome these issues.

Another quirk i’d like to see Deku gain is a long range attack quirk, he has super strength which can be useful in close quarter combat, but he doesn’t really have much except his air flick, however that also damages his body when using it, so he could do with an upgrade in that regard as well.

A curveball power could be a mental kinesis type power, which would tie in with what we have seen from his mother, who has a very weak telekinesis power, if that amplified up to combat level that would be a huge powerboost for Deku to overcome Shigis advantage with his AFO.

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My hero academia chapter 303 release date:

BNHA 302 will be released on the 28th February, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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