MY HERO ACADEMIA 278: IS THE STAGE SET FOR Shigaraki vs Shigaraki ?

After an action packed chapter, My Hero Academia went on a rather unforeseen one week break. Fans are eagerly waiting for My Hero Academia 278 to see Shiggy getting his ass kicked or kicking ass and to assess if the ever so invincible Machia has finally met his match in Mount Lady and Team Lurkers. But unfortunately, it’s a week long wait before we see even a glimpse of My Hero Academia 278 but in that time, let’s talk about an interesting new development from the latest chapter and what it could mean for the future chapters.

Shigaraki has made it clear that his immediate goal is to acquire OFA, the one quirk that always eluded AFO. As the chapters progressed since Shiggy’s awakening, it was obvious that the desire to obtain OFA was not exactly Shigaraki’s own goal but it was a goal planted in his mind by AFO. We get to see a lot of panels depicting the same.

AFO appears as a voice in Shigaraki’s mind imposing his will on the young villain. Even the latest chapter depicts AFO basically salivating for OFA.

While it’s not explicitly clarified anywhere as to why AFO wants the quirk,it’s been implied many times that it’s a way for AFO to eliminate the last signs of his brother’s betrayal. It means that AFO does not want the quirk because it’s something unique or powerful in his opinion but he wants it simply because it’s a quirk that has always escaped from him and that he is giving his all to acquire it even if it means creating a neat duplicate version of him.

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in My hero academia 277 chapter, we see Shigaraki shake away AFO and blatantly reject his will. Now, what the repercussions will be, for this rebellious action , we’ll probably see in My Hero Academia 278. AFO is not a guy who’s fond of people not obeying him or not bowing down to him. He’s depicted as being a huge control freak too.

This was a guy who locked up his brother because he stood against him. So it won’t be surprising if he decides to do something similar to Shigaraki too. Shigaraki meanwhile is hell bent on retaining his individual freedom and is trying his best to reject AFO’s will.

So this won’t be something that AFO will overlook. This could very well be the seed to a conflict between former master and student. AFO’s continuous imposition of his will could also force Shigaraki to try and kill him.

This will be one of the most interesting developments in the manga if this does happen because we will see the followers divided too. Ujiko and Machia will very probably side with AFO while the others could side with Shigaraki.

This could lead to an all put war between AFO and Shigaraki’s groups. AFO, although weakened is still not a puny foe. And it also looks like he might have a backup plan for Shigi’s rebelliousness.As to which faction might win, it’s a rather unpredictable situation because of how mysterious of a character AFO is.

But will Shigaraki dare to kill the master he worshipped? It’s a very strong possibility.As I had mentioned in a similar post before, AFO could very well try to take over Shigaraki’s body like how Orochimaru tried to take over Sasuke in Naruto leaving Shigaraki with no choice but to kill him. AFO still is a big mystery and there’s a lot of his past left for the manga to explore so I don’t think I see this happening anytime soon but all the flags are pointing to it happening some or the other time. A lot of panels especially the panels from the recent most chapter indicate this. All this time, Shigaraki had always obeyed AFO.

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He even went along with AFO’s requests of trying to acquire OFA in the previous chapters but come the latest chapter, Shigaraki has made it absolutely clear that he doesn’t want to live according to his master’s will. For AFO who gave away all his powers to make Shiggy strong, this will seem to be nothing less than a betrayal. It will be interesting to see what AFO will do about Shigaraki.


Right now there are battles going on everywhere but My Hero Academia 278 will probably focus on the Gigantomachia vs Mount Lady battle that could give Team Lurkers their time to shine. Edgeshot and Kamui Woods weren’t exactly provided with a lot of action in the previous Chapters so this might be their turn in the spotlight.

A notable fact is that Edgeshot is the only Hero or even the only being who is faster than Machia in the My Hero Academia universe. So this battle would be one to watch out for.  

Shigaraki is in a tight spot right now with Aizawa erasing his quirks and Endeavor firing punches on him but it looks like he has some plan to stop Aizawa from using his quirk. Of course, Aizawa will not probably die because of the ongoing Shirakumo plotline but he could very well have his quirk stolen.

Deku and Bakugo are also attacking him relentlessly along with Gran Torino. We could see Shoto Todoroki also join the duo in My Hero Academia 278.

My Hero Academia 278 will be released on 19th of July.

So what do you guys think will AFO do now that Shiggy has rejected his will? What do you think will happen in My Hero Academia 278? How will Shiggy counter Erasure? Will Machia succeed in coming to Shiggy ? Or will Shiggy escape? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: One Piece 985. you can read the chapter once it’s out on or Manga Plus

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