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My Hero Academia 277 Discussion:

My hero academia 277 picks up exactly where it left off last week, Deku and co are facing off against Shigi who is currently being sealed by Eraserheads quirk. Deku correctly analyses the situation and concludes that losing Eraserhead will be losing the war against Shigi.

I’ve said this a lot since i’ve been reviewing these chapters, and on other forums that Eraserhead is quite frankly one of the most OP characters in BNHA. He simply is too powerful, but in a more subtle way compared to the more explosive powers we usually see on display. Also the fact that usually Eraserhead keeps himself low profile and doesn’t use his quirk to maximum capacity has really put a downer on what could have been one of the most elite quirks the story has shown us.

Back to the story, Bakugo unleashes a massive blast on Shigi, but even with his powers sealed, he is practically unfazed by it, similar to All Might was back in the training arc when he faced off against Bakugo and Deku, shrugging off a barrage of Bakugos explosions at close range. Shigi coldly states to Bakugo that they’re no longer on equal terms, not even close to each other with his upgraded new body, but Endeavour is still around and makes sure Shigi knows it body slamming into him to get him away from deku and bakugo.

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Endeavour raises and interesting question about him questioning why Deku and Bakugo are there and why reasons Shigi have to pursue them but now isn’t the time to go into a deep discussion, but he will want to know at some point, so what will they tell him? The secrets of One for All revealed here and now? Would it be worth telling Endeavour? How would he take that as well are all interesting questions that should be discussed at some point.

We get into an interesting tidbit of info, just as how Midoriya has the voices of the previous One for Alls wielders in his head, Shigi have All for One in his, however he really doesn’t want that, I would go to say that even though Shigi was raised for All for One, he lost all respect for him once he saw All Might defeat him and therefore tries to eliminate all traces of him from his psyche.

my hero academia chapter 278

Gran Torino launches his counter attack, his attacks heavy with emotions having been Shimura nanas side kick and friend. It seems like that emotional impact of finding out the Shigi is Nanas grandkid still weighs very heavily of everyone who knew her, All Might just doesn’t want to the see the grandson of his mentor as a villain and it causes them great pain, Gran Torino wants to eliminate the hurt once and for all.

Bakugo and Endeavour launch their most powerful attacks on Shigi, does it do any damage? We are left on a cliffhanger, but i’m gonna go and make a not so bold prediction and suggest that no, it probably does not.

The last scene shows why Giga hasn’t joined up with Shigi yet, he’s being held back by Mouth Lady who is struggling to even really keep him put, but every moment she keeps him away from going to Shigi is a precious moment for the other team to try and defeat him. If they team up then the heroes lose, and this is probably one of the most important sequence of events that have happened so far in the story, but the majority of the people fighting don’t even know it.

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My Hero Academia 278 Spoilers & Predictions:

Well this is going to be a wild ride, Bakugos mega explosion, probably his biggest he has ever produced will maybe make Shigi feel something, but having built Shigi up to be basically indestructible I find it hard to believe that anything Bakugo throws at him will really do much when even Endeavour is struggling, but lets see what Endeavour will bring to the table with is new attack Vanishing fist.

Meanwhile the two most crucial things that are happening in this chapter is that 1) Keep Aizawa alive. As long as Shigis quirks are sealed, he can be defeated, if Aizawa dies, it’s over. The fate of the hero society rests on whether or not Aizawa is eliminated

The other events if of course Giga v Mount Lady, and I can’t really see anything other than Giga coming out on top of this one, it’s just a matter of time, so whatever time she can stall him for is a precious second the world can survive a little longer.

My hero Academia Chapter 277 Raw and release date:

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