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My Hero Academia 282 Discussion:

The story picks up immediately from where we left off last week, Deku and Ryuku and struggling to contain a pretty hysteric Shigiraki, who is trying to use his final attack to take out Eraserhead and end this battle in his favour.

He has his trump card, the quirk erasing bullet in hand, and he is just looking for an opening to nail Eraserhead, which starts off with literally making a hole in ryukus hand to free his own fingers.

We see how powerful Shigi actually is because Deku is resorting to using 100% of OFA and even that isn’t enough to put him down, Shigi at this point is running on pure adrenaline and with this, he reveals his strength is his origins as well, all the complications the led him to the path he is on now to the person he has become and that is his plus ultra creed, his will is forged out of iron due to every unfortunate circumstance that befell him since Nana dropped off her son at the orphanage.

my hero academia 283

With all this in mind, Shigiraki fires the bullet in eraserheads leg, he did what he came for, he successfully carried out this last mission, eliminate Eraserhead (everytime I type that I realise how stupid that name actually is) and regain his powers, sounds simple right?

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Well Aizawa has different ideas, as soon as he heard Ryuku call out that Shigi had a quirk erasing bullet, he knew what he had to do, the madman casually gets his knife off, he isn’t losing his quirk, he literally hacks off his own goddamn leg, badass is an understatement. This guy really is the back alley brawler, nothing is gonna stop him from winning, he’ll scrap with whatever he can, Aizawa is the survival specialist.

The fight isn’t over though, even though Aizawa hacks off his own leg, and Shigi acknowledges just like the readers how damn cool Aizawa actually is but even he surely has to blink no matter how hard he tries not to, I mean imagine the pain he’s in after hacking off his own leg, the mental pressure he’s under to not even blink, surely at some point he has to just blink?

Shigi uses this opportunity to squirm from off Ryuku and Deku, somehow creating a shockwave and making a beeline to Aizawa, grabbing hold of his face (just crush his eyeballs dude) but just as he was about to finish off Aizawa, Todoroki arrives. (Smells like asspull to me, sorry but that’s just way too convenient, should have let Bakugo do that part and then Todoroki arriving after). Well after that Deku smashes Shigi away and they retrieve and heavily injured Aizawa, but Shigi just tells them they can struggle for as long as they want, the inevitable has been delayed.

The worst of the chapter is actually however yet to come, Giga is still on the move and how has decided to change route, as he announced in the previous chapters, this new route however takes him through at least 18 cities, and nearly all of the heroes in the country are already pretty much beaten to a pulp, leaving basically only the students to defend the civilians of such a large scale.

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The main focus of the next arc will probably be a time trail sort of thing, The drug momo gave to Giga will need some time before it actually kicks in, so in the meantime the kids must protect the citizens by evacuating them and wait for Giga to go to sleep.

My Hero Academia 283 Spoilers & Predictions:

Well the focus of the next few chapters will most likely be on the evacuation process in the areas that Giga is predicted to be heading towards. This will be a huge challenge as the students that as left don’t have any offensive quirks, so they can’t counter attack Giga or try to contain him in any way, and they can’t really expect any backup, unless some foreign countries send reinforcements somehow, but that is unlikely to come on time unless Japan requested for backup prior to this mission taking place, which would make sense to do, but i’m not sure if the story will head in that direction, after all Shigi is still alive and seemingly invincible even without his quirks, although he is heavily injured.

Well I wouldn’t rule out some Americans coming in last minute and pretend to save the day after literally the whole of the japanese hero society has thrown themselves at Shigi getting him to that point where they can finish him off.

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