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My hero Academia chapter 275 Discussion:

My hero academia 275 begins with Shigaraki analysing the chaos underneath, using the quirk All for One stole from Ragdoll. This quirk is dangerous as it has given Shigi a data bank on all the people Ragdoll has analysed before, which has given him access to a lot of knowledge about many different heroes.

The scene changes now, back to Midoriya, who is in contact with Bakugo and Endeavour, where Deku is trying to see is Shigi really is after him, he requests Endeavour to tell him if Shigi suddenly changes direction as Deku moves away from the evacuation area to try and lure Shigi awake from basically killing everyone.

Shigi indeed does change direction suddenly which surprises Endeavour, the speed at which he disappears showing how much power he has suddenly has gained, along with his new regenerative powers, means that he is clearly a formidable foe, and is there anyone who can stand up to him?

Deku and Bakugo typically start arguing, Deku wanting Bakugo to leave so he doesn’t get hurt, and Bakugo screaming, although quite logically that he’s pretty much the only person who knows about Dekus secret and doesn’t require a long winded explanation as to why Shigi is targeting Deku, which placates Midoriya and makes him accept Bakugos presence.

my hero academia manga 276

Interestingly we see Bakugos inner thoughts for a few panels, which is quite rare. It’s obvious that he is still harbouring immense guilt about “ending” all might. This has quite the effect on him and he is using these feelings as fuel for his desire of becoming his generations strongest hero, he won’t let Deku get ahead of him, he is convinced he is better than Deku, his feelings of superiority stem from his childhood where it was always him who was number 1, and just because Midoriya suddenly has powers now, and he was chosen by All Might doesn’t mean he will just sit back and watch Midoriya fulfill his potential, Bakugo is ready to leapfrog Midoriya, Midoriya is but a stepping stone for him in his mind, and he wholeheartedly believes it.

We now go back to Shigaraki, who is playing with his new powers of combinations, to get the speed and distance he requires to corner Deku. He combines Air blast and radio waves to propel himself to Deku, where he awaits to steal One for All, which he must have. If Shigi gets One for All, it’s all over for the heroes.

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Just as Shigi was getting to Deku, Gran Torino tears him out of his grasp, and races away, Gran Torino telling Midoriya what everyone feared, he just isn’t ready to handle Shigi yet, his powers of rot were too much for midoriya, let alone the plethora of other abilities he has stockpiled in him. Gran Torino states that the rest of the heroes weren’t out of the fight yet, and we see Ryuku attacks Shigi.

The last sequence of events happen fast, Shigi fends off Ryukus attack and is about to resume his pursuit of Midoriya, but Eraserhead who is also in the area is very quick to piece together that Shigi seems to be after Midoriya. Eraserhead has a quick flashback to crust, who saved his life and also to his old school friends, which fires him up, he won’t lose anymore people to All for Ones schemes, he won’t let anyone take his students whilst he’s around, and nullifies Shigis quirk, leaving him to fall from the skies before Shigi tells Eraserhead that he thinks he’s cool


as for My hero academia 276: Finally, someone is looking at Eraserheads powers. Honestly cannot believe how overlooked his abilities are, although Eraserhead does do the whole lone wolf thing which probably doesn’t help and allows him to keep a low profile, but Eraserheads powers are probably one of the most OP powers in the BNHA universe. If Eraserhead was working in a team, he would no doubt be one of the most successful groups the world has ever seen, and yet nobody has ever recognised this as he just goes after small time crooks in back alleys and then dropped the hero business completely to become an educator. But now finally someone has acknowledged his power, and it’s the worst possible person.

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Shigi is for the time being powerless, but it won’t be for very long. Giga is on the loose and will be making a beeline for him, so the question really is how long before he arrives. Eraserheads life is on the line here, but erasing Shigis quirk when he did, he effectively put a mark on his own back for as long as Shigi is around, and that is seemingly going to be a long time.

What happens next in BNHA 276 is as anyone guess but Gigas arrival is imminent, the only question is will Shigi go on the offensive with Giga and the likes of Dabi/Toga etc or will he make a tactical retreat? If he attacks is he prepared to lose some of his team mates, as even though he and Giga are both pretty OP, the rest however are not invincible and can be apprehended.

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