My Hero Academia chapter 292 Spoilers, Bnha 292 Raw scans [updated]

Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding My hero academia 292 and bnha chapter 292 raw and recap of the most recent chapter of bnha Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

My Hero Academia 291 Discussion:

This chapter starts with Endeavour remembering the past, of his first so Toya. Toya only inherited his fathers quirk, and although Endeavour was disappointed, he hadn’t begun his obsession with the merging of both quirks yet, this obsession born most likely when Toya had supposedly died due to his flames being too much for his body to bare.

Toyas hair turning white was highlighted in this scene, even though he didn’t inherit his mothers quirk his hair was still turning white, which is what he shows earlier on when he removed the black hair to reveal a fully white head of hair. He also showed that when he used his flames they burned him slightly, which devastated his father as his father had pinned all his hopes that he was unable to achieve onto his father.

The story continues with his sister fuyumi being born, but she had inherited only her mothers frost quirk, which again was useless for Endeavour. As Dabis revelation continues, his father doesn’t believe him, but he continues on saying how he got a DNA test done which proved he was who he said he is.

Dabi continues with his character assassination, telling the public how Endeavour was addicted to the limelight and have no empathy. Will the public believe these claims? That is to determined later, however I feel Endeavours past will be detrimental to his future career. Dabi then moves onto Hawks, somehow they’ve found out that Hawks was a spy and reveal to the world how he killed Twice in cold blood, which shocks the viewers. He then goes on talking how Hawks killed Best Jeanist to prove himself to the league, and then reveals how Hakws father was actually a criminal who murdered, and it was Endeavour who brought him to justice, which is probably how Hawks ended up having a normal childhood after he was saved.

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Now the damage has been done, summed up nicely by an onlooker, it doesn’t matter if what he’s said is true or not, the fact that’s he’s said it in this hysteria is enough, the surrounding damage from Giga and the fights have caused so much pain, it’s inevitable that some people will lose faith in the hero system.

Dabi now decided it’s time to end it, and he launches an attack, setting off a blaze of fire, readying up a prominence burst that would surely kill Endeavour, but just as he is ready to fire off, his body gets covered with wires, Best Jeanist is alive and has returned just in the nick of itme.

My Hero Academia 292 spoilers & predictions:

So with Best Jeanist back that will knock Dabis speeches credibility down a few pegs, as he said that Hawks had killed him, but clearly this is untrue, whatever actually happened then will be revealed shortly, most likely a co-ordinated operation to get Hawks deeper into the league.

As for Best Jeanists introduction, this will be the way that Giga is defeated, with all the cables Jeanist has brought with him, restraining Giga will be his top priority. With Shigi out of the fight, the heroes probably have enough to be able to fight off the league now so that should put this arc to bed soon. Unless of course there is more twists to this saga, which wouldn’t be out of place, after all of Dabis revelations it would be pretty weak if there is no big showdown, or revelation of why Toyas death was faked and why he became Dabi in the first place. What caused such a change in him as we saw the relationship he had with his father was a pretty normal one.

In the end, I feel endeavour will probably retire, or at least take a sabbatical from his job, this whole revelation of his first son actually being alive and being a major villain is sure to dent his psyche, plus the fact that he was unable to stop such mass scale destruction, it will look badly on him unless he can provide the finishing touch to Giga or something to salvage the situation.

My Hero Academia 292 Theories:

So this week we saw the much awaited return of a favourite hero and Dabi single handedly creating a huge mess for the hero society while Gigantomachia is stuck? Dabi’s reveals have obviously affected the public as we see do see some reactions especially with him showing the results of the DNA test and also releasing Hawks’ killing of twice. But will the public truly believe it now that Best Jeanist, the hero Dabi claimed to have been killed by Hawks is proven to be alive the next instant? In the recent most chapter, we saw Dabi reveal quite a lot of things about his past to the public including his father Endeavor and brother Shoto.

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We get a glimpse of how Touya Todoroki disappeared into ashes on top of a cold mountain upon which Endeavor trained on. From Endeavor’s inner monologue we learn that only the part of a jaw bone was what was left of Touya. What really did happen to Touya is not revealed completely but this is what we get right now. We see Endeavor in denial, refusing to accept that Touya is alive and that too as a serial killer and a wanted villain. But then we see Dabi present a DNA test on the broadcast to lend more credibility to his claim of being Endeavor’s son. On top of that Dabi releases edited parts of a video of Hawks killing Twice as proof that heroes have a dark side.

He also makes it worse by stating that Hawks also is the son of a thief and a murderer called Takami. This is also mentioned as a reason for his real name being kept hidden from the public. Adding on to that Dabi also reveals to the public that Hawks killed Best Jeanist who was the number 3 hero. This does indeed surprise and shock the various viewers. Endeavor is just stuck there in denial and shock. Dabi then proceeds to attack Endeavor when Jeanist makes his entrance and restrains him.

Jeanist being here is a big save for the heroes. Not only is he a top 3 hero but his return and participation in battle instantly serves to discredit Dabi’s claims. In his attempt to humiliate Hawks, his killing of Jeanist was mentioned as a factor by Dabi but now that Jeanist has returned and has really proven that he’s he is the real deal by using his signature quirk, Dabi will struggle to prove his claims. Maybe now the hero commission can use this opportunity to sway public opinions towards the heroes by presenting Jeanist before the public and questioning his claims about Hawks or even Endeavor. They could even maybe convince the public that Dabi doctored all the evidence. How this will play out in My Hero Academia 292 will be very interesting.

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Jeanist has finally returned to active duty and we will see him battle the league. Shoto and Nejire could be helping him. It would be interesting to see another female character get limelight in the battle. This might be Nejire’s major battle. Unlike Mirio who got to shine in the Overhaul arc and Tamaki who also got to do the same, we never saw Nejire’s true prowess even though she’s UA’s top three.

Same with Shoto who hasn’t yet had a chance to shine in this arc unlike Deku and Bakugo. Iida is also present there carrying Bakugo. Shigaraki is presently unconscious after taking a lot of attacks. And as a result we see Machia being stuck without knowing what to do. It seems that Machia will not be moving without Shigaraki’s orders. So we won’t see the league escaping anytime soon and may even see them get captured and sent to Tartarus.

My Hero Academia chapter 292 release date:

Usually The latest Boku no hero academia Chapters are available once they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for My hero academia 292 are released 2-3 days before their official release date which is around the 29th of November and fans will start discussing the spoilers of Bnha 292 over our Reddit sub and other social media platforms. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps. So what did you guys think will happen? Will Jeanist be able to save the day? What will happen to Endeavor? Will the public really start hating heroes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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