Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 306 Spoilers, Bnha 306 Raw scans

“Can you kill Tomura Shigaraki?” is the question Nana poses to Deku. This blunt question is the one question that quite a lot of fans have definitely thought about, it’s the same question as “Can Batman kill the Joker?” The others chime in, saying how they didn’t feel that Shigi actually wanted to be saved and how he just looks like he hates the world and everyone in it, and the way he was raised by OFA so he could transfer himself into his body to a new fresh body.

My Hero Academia 305 Discussion:

Nana continues, she retells her story briefly, she left her son to fight AFO and Shigi became as he is because of it, some collateral that could never have been foreseen, and now they have to defeat him before he becomes practically invincible, he’s not even at full strength and his powers were enough to almost cripple the hero society, if he goes on any further, nobody would be around to stop him.

Nana goes on to say that some people just cannot be saved and Shigi might be one of them, so can Deku kill Shigi.

Dekus response is pretty much what you’d expect from any Shounen protagonist, which is that he felt Shigis inner self, a little lonely boy crying (oh god this is so cringe) and All Might taught him that people deserve to be saved, although he does admit there might not be any other way than to kill Shigi (i’d bet my car he doesn’t) but he wants to try and save that lonely little boy instead, because that’s what a hero would do.

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In the end everyone is happy with Dekus decision, and Nana is relieved, because she feels very responsible for Shigi, even though his dad was the asshole, the same events could have happened as before with Nana but if her son was a bit more empathetic and kinder Shigi wouldn’t have ended up as he is now.

Nana is carrying the weight of her sons sins really, she blames herself far too much when her son was the one that actually was more in the wrong, his blind hatred for heroes scarred a young Shigi, who just wanted to become a hero, the stress his father put him under causing him to crack and accidentally lose control of his powers, and a traumatised child was found by AFO, who moulded a broken child into a monster for his own gain.

The chapter ends with the original OFA holder asking the two wielders who were faced away from Deku to come around and join the rest, so Deku can learn how to fully control his quirk. One of them could possibly be the holder of the super strength quirk that All Might and Deku both have used to much in the series, perhaps he could teach Deku more ways to use the super strength.

My Hero Academia chapter 306 predictions:

For the upcoming chapter it will be in the same style as the currents one, but more information if likely to follow so prepare for an info dump about the quirk again. I am interested in knowing what powers the other wielders will have for Deku to use, if Deku will be able to use all of the powers and if not then which ones he might specialise in, we saw All Might only using super strength, Deku tried to use it but really he is yet to fully harness that quirk without obliterating himself, perhaps another quirk is more suitable for him to use as his main power.

We already have seen black whip and float, but neither seem to be as useful for combat as we might have liked so it’ll be interesting if the other quirks are a bit more combat orientated or possibly a healing quirk. A healing quirk might actually be extremely useful to compliment his super strength, although that probably won’t happen because that would be a bit too OP and go against the ethos of this story where every quirk has limitations that need to be overcome.

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My Hero Academia chapter 306 release date:

BNHA 305 will be released on the 21th Mars, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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