Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 293 Spoilers, Bnha 293 Raw scans

What’s up guys? This week sees the continuation of the last chapter with Jeanist arriving in the nick of time and saving Endeavour. The battle with the League of Villains rages on as another powerful ally makes an unexpectedly shocking appearance to aid the heroes! Read on to find out what happens in this chapter of My Hero Academia and what might happen in My Hero Academia 293 next week. But do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid getting spoiled by this post!!

My Hero Academia 292 Discussion:

Jeanist has finally made his much awaited appearance. He uses his fibres to trap both Machia and Dabi among the other League members. Spinner meanwhile tries to wake Shigaraki up so that he could give orders to Machia who’s stuck without a command. We also get hints of the sedative working on Machia bit by bit. Spinner bites on Shigaraki’s head and shakes him awake as Nejire tries to stop him from doing so by attacking him. However, before her attacks could actually land, Dabi burns her with his flames and Nejire is fully burned falling into Iida’s arms, again failing to get a decent fight in the manga unlike her top hero male counterparts Mirio and Tamaki.

Meanwhile Dabi who has burnt his restrains is confronted by Shoto angry at him for hurting Nejire and also accusing him of trying to harm their other brother Natsuo. Natsuo was also the sibling who Dabi was the closest to among all the four. Dabi expresses no regret whatsoever and expresses his displeasure at Natsuo surviving as his death would have hurt Endeavor ,to Shoto’s shock.

Shigaraki ultimately gains a bit of consciousness to spout out an order for Machia to destroy. Some of the nomus which escaped also head to where Shigaraki is at. Burnin and some other heroes notice the nomus heading in that direction. Burnin is also about to head there when a nomu attacks her. The attack however , is stopped by somebody else.

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The nomus all head to where Shigaraki is at and begin to attack Jeanist who’s grappling with a now active and flailing Machia. His fibres are on the verge of breaking and the nomu attacks don’t seem to be helping either. As everyone, including Deku watch on helplessly at the approaching nomus, unable to do anything to help Jeanist, none other than Mirio Togata aka Lemillion pops up from under the ground and takes down the nomus to everyone’s surprise in the most shocking reveal in this arc.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 293 Spoilers & Predictions:

My Hero Academia has seen one surprise reveal after another the past couple of weeks . While some of them like Jeanist returning and Toya’s telecast were expected by fans, Mirio’s return to being a hero was completely unexpected and added to the shock value in this arc. Mirio is said to be the strongest student at UA and was once a potential successor to All Might, even favoured by his own sidekick Night eye over All Might’s eventual choice Deku.

He’s always projected as a future number 1 hero by many characters in the series and his appearance now means that the heroes stand a chance of winning this war. What’s surprising about his appearance is that he was out of commission after losing his quirk in the Overhaul arc.

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His return also indicates that Eri probably learned to control her powers and has revived his quirk back to it’s original state. This was indicated, in a way when we got a glimpse of Eri in a previous panel where her horn was shrunken looking. We could see the return of other characters like Monoma’s group from 1-B or even students from the other schools who are surprisingly absent from the fight.

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My hero Academia chapter 293 release date:

My Hero Academia 293 releases on the 6th of December!! What did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in My Hero Academia 293? Who is saving Burnin? Who are you excited to see return? Will Mirio stop Machia from wrecking havoc? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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  1. I think Mirio will be able to turn the tide of this battle (hopefully) and Mirio’s presence will bring some inspiration to them all, especially Deku. Since Mirio and Nejire were there then Tamaki will probably appear somewhere and help the fight. Also I agree that more students might come to fight, I’m particularly hoping to see Shinso cause he could brainwash the villains which could cease the fighting all together but who knows, I’m very excited to see how this battle unfolds!


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