Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 299 Spoilers, Bnha 299 Raw scans

This weeks chapter kicks off with Re-destro talking in a flashback when his true allegiances were revealed, he was saying how the liberation of society was at hand, which leads into the present, where AFO is breaking out of Tartarus with his Nomus and Shigi.

My Hero Academia 298 Discussion:

The prison breaks don’t stop at Tartarus though, this opportunity of the heroes being in disarray cannot be wasted, and AFO is looking to rebuild his strength picking out the finest villains he can find, so he raids other prisons as well, to get the quality he needs for League v2. Six prisons were successfully breached, and AFO is well on his way to gaining his full authority over the underworld.

After the prison break, Shigis body finally gets the rest it needs, however Spinner who presumably has never been in direct contact with AFO before questions who is currently occupying Shigis body, a sense of genuine bonds can be seen here where the inside daily lives of the villains is seen, they’re not just the evil people assume, they do normal things as well, joking and gaming etc.

After this, we go and see the aftermath of the heroes side, where most of the students are in hospital, Bakugo is the first to be seen, after just regaining consciousness he’s met with cheers from his fellow classmates, and they slowly start filling him in with what occurred after he got stabbed during the fight.

A more positive note, both Gran Torino and Aizawa are alive (seriously Gran Torino is just OP how is he surviving all of this stuff), but Mic is very upset, the loss of Midnight hurts Aizawa and Mic because they were old school friends.

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As for the school friends, Todoroki is awake and digesting the saga with Dabi, which has enveloped his family again in Endeavours mess. Even with his school friends support, the whole country has become aware of Dabis broadcast, and they want to know the real story, is Dabi telling the truth, and if so what does this mean for Endeavour? Todoroki self reflects on the whole passage, realising that he was literally walking in the same footsteps of hatred as his older brother, and without Midoriyas intervention during the school tournament, he probably would have gone onto becoming dabi himself.

He realises that Endeavour is too consumed by guilt to actually deal with his son Dabi, so the responsibility must fall must fall towards Todoroki now, he has to finish what his father could not. The last scene with Todoroki is with his brother and sister coming to visit him, with a third shadow behind, most likely his mother is finally coming round for a reunion to see her son who she scarred. This family reunion will most likely become the strength and resolve to finally bring them all back together and put right all the errors they made once and for all.

The last scene of the chapter is rather comical compared to the tone of the previous few panels, with Bakugo being boisterous after learning that Deku is the only person who is still unconscious, and quite probably the most important person in this whole fight.

My Hero Academia chapter 299 predictions: Where is Deku?

Well Deku is in a coma, but most likely he’s not actually in a coma but probably meeting the past incarnations of OFA in “the realm”. The next few chapters will probably provide a lot more information regarding what quirks Deku has available to him and how best to utilise them, as well as probably meeting the first incarnation of OFA, AFOs younger brother. Background details about the two brothers lives will probably be coming in the coming arc which will be interesting to see how the past was like in the MHA universe.

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The other characters will probably be just healing up as is, or in Todorokis case plotting to deal with a psycho brother, which will probably take a backseat for Dekus little “training” arc.

My Hero Academia 299 release date:

The next chapter of MHA will be released on the 31th January, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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