My Hero Academia chapter 274 Spoilers, Raw Scans release date

Hi, welcome to this weeks analysis of the latest chapter of BNHA, where we will discuss the latest events of the chapter and give some predictions about My hero academia chapter 274. If you haven’t already caught up please do as this post contains heavy spoilers.

My hero Academia chapter 273 Discussion:

BNHA chapter 273 picks up exactly where we left off last week, Deku tries to use a shockwave to stop Shigarakis rot from spreading, unfortunately this has no effect as everything continues to disintegrate around them. Deku correctly identifies the power as Shigarakis, however this level of destruction is a far more devastating then what Deku had faced back when he met Shigi at the shopping centre. Todoroki attempts to build a barrier with a giant ice wall, but this just collapses forcing the heroes to flee with as many civilians as possible, they can do nothing to stop the destruction, only attempt to outrun the onslaught.

We see a panned out view of the surroundings now, just to give attention to the sheer destruction Shigi has caused, his abilities are on another level now, the whole hospital and surrounding city have pretty much been levels, all that’s left is the place that he was standing on. We get to see that the Doctor was replicating Overhauls quirk elimination formula, which would be a total game changer if Shigaraki can distribute that amongst the various villain associations.

We also get to see in the same panel that Shigaraki has way more control over his power, he can consciously decide what to destroy and what not to, which shows how much his abilities have progressed, again showcasing his evolution from some minor thug who could only destroy what he could touch directly to a terrain altering super villain.

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The ball starts rolling now, Giga has accepted Shigi as his new master, which is his ace up his sleeve and will definitely turn the tide against the numbers the heroes amassed outside the hospital.

The story leaves Shigi and we focus on the other heroes away from the hospital, firstly we are shown Tokoyami racing with a badly injured Hawks to get him medical attention as fast as possible, cementos and mt lady tackling a giant wall of ice but in the middle of the events, you see Toga disguised as various heroes slashing at distracted heroes and creating a lot of chaos. She’s learnt of Twices death which has sent her completely off the rails, even if her frenzy is suicidal at this point she doesn’t care, the people she cared about are being hurt or dead, her world is crumbling.

The last we see of Toga is her in her rabid state with Giga gigantic hand behind her, the chaos they represent is enormous, devastating and leaves you to ponder over how the heroes could possibly defend against that devastation. Only All Might would be able to hand Giga, but he’s long retired, there is nobody amongst the heroes who can contain that much carnage.

My hero academia 274

The last panel we see before BNHA 273 ends is Endeavour hurtling toward Shigi. As the number one hero it’s his responsibility to take on the main villain, similar to how All Might entered in the Kamino city arc. The blowback from this fight will be huge, If Endeavour wins the villains will be crippled forever, if Shigi takes him out the heroes will have lost 2 of their strongest heroes in one fight, with countless others already perished and many more to follow, the backbone of the hero system crippled, whatever happens here will have huge ramifications to whichever way the story goes.

Some concerns have again been raised about the power creep, again with Shigi waking up with terrain altering abilities, which will mean that at some point Deku and co will have to have similar power ups. The tactical battles and quirk limitations that made people fall in love with the stories have been obsolete for a while but power creep would be the final nail in the coffin, the story falling into the same trap many other stories have fallen into previously would not be wise.

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We also get to see how fodder most of the heroes actually are, Toga is literally a school girl with a knife yet she manages to slash and hack multiple heroes without them responding which much of anything. If the majority of the heroes really are fodder then that spells disaster because the villains simply would outclass them.

My hero Academia Chapter 274 predictions:

My hero Academia chapter 274 is going to dictate the future of the hero society, who will win endeavor or Shigi, how much carnage will Giga create, will the villains go toe to toe against the heroes or will they retreat?. Another question is what will happen regarding the quirk erasing bullets Overhaul created in BNHA 274, is that going to be put on the back burner and eventually forgotten or will they be used to reduce the heroes active? If X-less’s last action was to destroy the majority of the bullets it would be critical for the survival of the heroes and one of the most important yet underrated actions the story will ever see.

Whatever happens, you know it will be good.

My hero Academia Chapter 274 release date:

Bnha Chapter 274 is set to drop on the 7th June which can be read on Jumps official platform, Mangadex. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart. until that date, you can check our latest posts: Black Clover 253

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 274 Raw:

Usually The latest Boku no hero academia Chapters are available once they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released around 7th of June and fans will start discussing the spoilers of Bnha 274 over Reddit and other social media platforms. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.

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