Chainsaw Man chapter 72 Spoilers, Raw Scans release date

What’s up guys? Chainsaw man just brought out it’s latest new chapter where the main cast deals with the aftermath of their trip to Hell. Makima goes on her trip, Denji and Power get closer and ‘the door’ comes back in the latest chapter of chainsaw man. Read on to find out what more happens while we wait for Chainsaw man 72 but please make sure that you have caught up with the manga before reading on because this post will contain spoilers for the same.

Chainsaw Man chapter 71 Discussion:

Chainsaw man 71 develops Denji more as a character as he’s busy helping Power deal with the aftermath of their encounter with the Darkness devil. We learn that Kobenai has resigned and both the Violence Devil and Denji fanboy Shark Devil are dead. Angel has lost both his arms while Hayakawa retains one of his.  Power meanwhile has recurring nightmares and is even afraid of her own mouth’s darkness. Power is also the reason why Denji develops more as a character this chapter. Makima invites Denji to go for the trip with her while visiting Hayakawa at the hospital. To the reader’s surprise and well to his own, he rejects that offer because he needs to take care of Power as she freaks out without him at home. This is an aptly woven in plot point to let readers understand Denji’s emotional growth as he puts his friends above his desires.

There are more ‘wholesome’ moments that show how Denji has changed. Power who’s still afraid of the Darkness Devil asks Denji to take a bath with her and Denji who is usually ready to kill himself to grope some ‘boobs’ reflects on how he doesn’t feel ‘naughty’ as he lies with Power in the bathtub or even when they sleep together at night and she asks him, in a moment of character growth for her, to drink her blood in return for helping her all this time. Denji choosing to stay back and help his ‘family’ indicates that Denji is growing to be his own independent self and also growing out of Makima’s influence. Of course, Makima has definitely noticed this and might take measures to keep Denji as a loyal dog working for her especially considering his mysterious origins that Makima probably knows about. The chapter ends with Denji reflecting on how it’s easier to kill his enemies when he chooses to not know them better and hence choosing to ignore the ever so strange door and telling Pochita that he doesn’t want to know what’s behind it.


Well, as with every chapter, Chainsaw man 72 is also unpredictable. We could see our heroes thrust into a new battle with a new Devil wrecking havoc on the town or we could see some other new enemy trying to get a hold of Denji.  There’s also the joint effort to hunt down the ever so elusive Gun Devil that Hayakawa will also be a part of. Chainsaw man 72 will be the beginning of an entire new arc so let’s hope that we get answers to atleast some of the questions that have been posed earlier in the manga.

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Makima gets more and more mysterious as chapters pass while there’s the entire puzzle about Denji’s origins with readers speculating that he could be ‘Lucifer’ himself after Angel’s comments of the Chainsaw sound in Hell. There’s also Hayakawa’s gruesome future that the Future devil is keen on witnessing. Add to that Kishibe who is intent on killing Makima. The next arc is bound to be interesting!

Chainsaw Man 72 Release date:

Chainsaw man 72 releases on June 7th.So what did you guys think of this Chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 72? What new enemy will come for Denji? What is he really? And what are Makima’s true goals? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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