My Hero Academia 274 Endeavour’s sad fate!

What’s up guys? BNHA 273 ended on a possible battle between Endeavor and Shigaraki. Ever since the release of the last chapter, fans have been speculating about Endeavor’s fate and it’s implications for the story so why don’t we talk about exactly that in this post as we wait for My Hero Academia 274 to drop!

My Hero Academia chapter 274

Often referred to as the best-written character in My Hero Academia, Endeavor became the number one pro hero of Japan after All Might retired in the aftermath of whatever went down at Kamino Ward. Endeavor’s redemption storyline is probably the most popular storyline in the series due to the far fetching implications it could have on the series in the long run. Endeavor is a character who could single handedly shatter the public’s trust in the heroes even though he’s the current number 1.

Endeavor initially was introduced as a powerful hero who was so obsessed with becoming number one that he literally practiced eugenics and abused his family. Shoto Todoroki, his youngest son was shown to detest his father. He’s also shown to be a fear inducing man who put his wife in a mental hospital and is alienated from his other kids. On top of all that, he was also said to have been involved in his older son’s death. The fandom collectively hated him. About 150 Chapters later, he’s a fan favourite. Not because he’s a badass hero shown going all out against powerful villains but because he’s portrayed as an extremely flawed human trying to mend his ways. Endeavor is seen grappling with the consequences of his past actions and trying to get his family back together again. From visiting his wife to crying about a son he deemed worthless in the past and trying to cheer his fans up after watching Hawks do so, this flawed character quickly became a fan favourite. Add to that the entire Dabi plotline and fans were thrilled.

In the latest Chapter we see Endeavor going all out at Shigaraki. And speculations about his death started circulating in the fandom as soon as the chapter came out. Shigaraki is currently extremely powerful. Apparently more powerful than AFO as Ujiko claims. One touch and Endeavor could be dusted in a second. But here’s the truth guys, there are very, I mean very few chances of Endeavor dying soon, especially in My Hero Academia 274. Endeavor is a carefully crafted character.

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my hero academia 274 Endeavor

Endeavor dying would mean there would be a bunch of incomplete plot lines. The most important plot line of his that comes to my mind would be the Toya Todoroki plotline and the possibility of Dabi being Toya . The fact that Horikoshi hasn’t yet revealed Dabi’s true name to the readers indicates that it’s highly possible that he’s Toya. Imagine how that would affect the society. A revelation that a son of the number 1 hero is a murderous villain! And it would be very plain if Endeavor is not there to witness the fallout from his past actions. Don’t you think so? Death, for Endeavor, is a very easy way to get out of the mess he created!


As mentioned before, Endeavor was a guy who was extremely prideful of his quirk. He deemed 3 of his 4 kids worthless because they didn’t have powerful quirks, in the past. So, what will happen if he loses his quirk himself? That will be one of the most interesting turning points for his character. Along with a multitude of other quirks, Shiggy also has AFO aka the quirk stealing quirk. It would serve as a great display of his new found powers if the first person to get his quirk stolen from him is none other than Japans number 1 hero and that’s what I think My Hero Academia 274 and some of the future chapters will entail. As the rise of the villains is imminent in MHA, we could see Endeavor be tried for crimes against his family and be put in Tartarus by the villains similar to what happens in the Hollywood flick The Dark Knight Rises


My Hero Academia 274 will possibly focus on the fight between Endeavor and Shigaraki and we could see our top hero lose his quirk. We haven’t yet seen which of the other heroes survived the dusting of the Jakku hospital. Heroes like Thirteen and Pixie Bob are speculated to be dead whereas guys like Aizawa and Mic should still be around due the Shirakumo plotline. Things are also getting significantly worse at the PLF mansion as Machia has woken up and Toga has gone mad. My Hero Academia 274 could very well be a massacre of the heores at the PLF mansion too. Meanwhile the decay is spreading across the city and Deku and gang are trying to stop it and help people escape.

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My Hero Academia 274 releases on June 7th!

So what do you guys think about Endeavor and his arc? Will he die or will he be imprisoned? Will he get a chance to truly redeem himself?  Or will he die knowing his son is a villain? Share  your thoughts in the comments below!

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