Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 287 Spoilers, Bnha 287 Raw

Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding My hero academia 287 and bnha chapter 287 raw and a recap of the most recent chapter of bnha Heavy spoilers. Firstly I’d like to apologize about the post made last week, some people felt uncomfortable with the jokes I made last week and it was brought to my attention therefore I won’t be doing it again moving forward. Enjoy!

My Hero Academia 286 Discussion:

Now, getting back to the important stuff, this weeks chapter after seeing the epic sacrifice of bakugo where he threw himself in front of Deku to intercept the attack AFO launched at Deku to try and tear him to shreds and steal his quirk away from him. Bakugo angrily tells Deku to stop trying to do it all on his own before succumbing to injuries and plummeting to the floor, where Todoroki catches him.

As Shigiraki has has his body hijacked by AFO, you can see him trying to shake off the hijacking, but with little avail, AFO is firmly in the driving seat here, goading deku, telling him that all the bloodshed had been pointless, Bakugos sacrifice even more so, which riles up Deku, who you can see in the next panel totally giving into his anger and is transformed into something ugly, the innate powers of OFA seem to be awakening to something darker, something sinister. His face is mirrored by Shigirakis disfigured body, and the most vile panel is yet to come, the giant gash in his face hiding the grin of AFO, the metaphorical imagery is clear, he’s in charge, and he’s delighted at the results.

We get a scene switch now, back to the other plot line where Giga is tearing the city apart, the people desperately trying to evacuate the carnage, but the most important part of this scene is where he monologues in confusion that he can smell two AFO scents, and not the one of Shigi. This in addition to Dekus sudden change of appearance into something resembling a raging beast leaves a lot of questions about the true nature of his quirk and whether it really is as simple as it first appeared to be.

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The scene shifts again, this time to the evacuation teams, where they are desperately trying to get the citizens out of gigas way, the team that is trying to evacuate the city make it known that they have no contact with the team fighting Shigi, so they can’t warn them about Giga trying to get Shigi. That would be on heck of a nasty surprise, almost dead by Shigi, and then Giga turns up as the ultimate backup.

The scene changes back to Deku, who has been goaded by OFA in the time previously, he was told sacrifices were meaningless and this caused Deku to stop being his usual calculating and smart self, and instead give into his rage, which is the opening Shigi needed, as he gets a handful of decks face, the quirk is now in touching distance. But instead of the quirk being stolen, Deku enters the realm where he met the previous incarnations of OFA, but this time Shigi is inside as well, with AFO grappling for power over Shigis body, AFO trying to convince Shigi is was only because of his intervention that he even survived so he should be in charge now.

This squabble is being watched on by Deku, who cannot speaker move, he cannot interfere with whatever is happening. The last events of this chapter happen as follows, Deku tries but fails to move, but he is gently held by Nana, who has appeared in the realm as well, as she tell him that this is not the place for him, he should let them, the previous OFA wielders do the work.

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My Hero Academia 287 Spoilers & Predictions:

With this new realm discovered, it’s only going to be a matter of time before we are shown the rest of the previous AFO holders, it seems like the true nature of AFO will be explored here, it seems to be more than just an offshoot of OFA, the very essence of AFO seems to be embedded within it, which makes sense as it did come from the very man himself, so how will this affect Deku going forwards?

Another big point will be if AFO can hijack Shigi, does that mean the previous wielders can take over Dekus body? If so that feels very final fightesque, the very last confrontation between AFO and OFA, the battle where all the previous wielders can come together and defeat AFO one and for all, that hype for that fight would be insane, that really is something exciting for this series, and could possibly go down as one of the best fights in shonen history.

my hero academia 287

As for the rest of the story, well it’s going to be a race against the clock, can they defeat Shigi before Giga gets there, can Giga be knocked unconscious before he arrives to Shigis location, can anyone stop the mayhem? The answer to this is up int he air, it’s so hard to really tell what might happen, all I know is I’m looking forward to next week, and I know all of you will be too.

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