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My Hero Academia 287 Discussion:

Nana is back, we get a full body view of her and boy she is thicc, thighs that make miruko jealous. Anyway, she seems to somehow be in the realm, and AFO is delighted he has the chance to goad his old foe once again, in front of Shigi no less who reveals the relationship to both of them, that she is his grandmother.

This chapter delves deeper into the power of AFO now, an info dump chapter where AFO gives his theory one why Nana seems to have appeared even after her death decades ago, and starts a monologue explanation of how different personalities can manifest within ones self during an organ transplant, and how him taking quirks from other people had a similar effect on him, where in his subconscious dreams the voices of those he stole the quirk from come to him and abuse him. He then further states that more evidence to support this is that when he gets rid of a quirk the owner of that quirk stops bothering him subconsciously.

The POV switches to Shigi, who after seeing Nana and realising from his past that she was his grandma begins to question why she along with other incarnations of OFA would be trying to defeat him, her own grandson. She tries to talk to Shigi, but he closes her down, clearly after remembering how she was involved in the fight alongside deku to try and beat him, he lets her know that he absolutely hates her, and the pain is evident, all the actions since she decided to give her son up for adoption led to this moment, had she taken a different route, perhaps Shigi would not be standing there next to AFO and perhaps on the other side, a classmate of Dekus maybe?

The realm, the OFA world begins to crumble, OFA explains that Shigis hatred if affecting the world, and even though only the wielder of AFO can affect the world but Shigi is corroding this rule. I find this sentence very interesting, as Shigi hasn’t completed the transfer of AFO into himself, therefore it means that AFO still retains ownership of the quirk even at this stage, hence the internal struggle we see now where AFO and Shigi are wrestling for control of his body.

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Finally we get a reveal of AFOs younger brother, and he’s basically shigi without the scars and evil looking eyes. As his brother arrives, the dynamic of the internal struggle changes, Shigi can no longer just take OFA and is being driven back. AFO goes on a rant how it’s better if he takes OFA as he has seen Dekus failures and doesn’t believe he is worthy of the quirk, however AFOs brothers counters this by saying OFA would never understand, Dekus anger and rage is for others, he spills his own blood and breaks his own body to save others, always selfless, never selfish.

After this the contact between shigi and deku is broken, his quirk seems to have not been stolen, OFA tells shigi that his quirk has not settled into Shigi completely so he didn’t have the necessary power to steal quirks.

Now we have a complete scene switch, Dabi is extremely excited about tearing down the hero society whilst toga is having an existential crisis, she questions the heroes after double was killed by the heroes, she wants to know if the rest will kill her when the time comes or not, she wants to find deku to ask him about it.

My Hero Academia 288 Spoilers & Predictions:

Seems to me the focus will go back on Giga and the rest of the league villains now, they’re making headway towards Shigi and the remaining heroes are trying to intercept them so that will be an interesting fight, as the UA big hitters are all fighting Shigi right now, which will give the other students time to shine. As ever, we’re still waiting for momos drugs to kick in and if it will that will be nice but so far it’s not and Giga is just wrecking stuff so either momo will failed yet again or something god will happen in the next few chapters.

As for Dekus fight well shigi is obviously not going to be done yet so unless someone comes up with a finisher or Deku awakens another quirk it will be difficult to see how they can defeat shigi or capture him. Not really sure what will happen next but i’ll assume shigi comes up with some teleportation quirk perhaps to get him out of there or maybe something will interrupt the fight which will allow shigi to regenerate enough that he can somehow escape and live to fight another day.

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My Hero Academia 288: What is All Might hiding about the Fourth user?

More than a couple of chapters back we see a concerned Bakugo and All Might discuss about OFA, Deku and the future powers Deku will unlock etc. as Deku later on proceeds to unlock Nana Shimura’s Float and save the group of heroes fighting Shigaraki. What stood out though, in that particular talk between Bakugo and All Might is how All Might scribbled over the details of the fourth OFA holder in the notebook which had notes to help Deku unlock new powers and deal with them. What left Bakugo and the readers confused is that the fourth uuser’s details were left incomplete unlike the others’ which were all well detailed.

my hero academia 288

Bakugo questions this and All Might is seen reluctantly telling him that he doesn’t want to speculate about the fourth user. This left fans curious. While all the other users had well detailed summaries about their powers, All Might was finding it difficult to complete the fourth user’s notes. This led fans to speculate that the fourth user might not have been ‘hero material’ like Deku or Nana or All Might.

The guy could have been something akin to a vigilante or worse, a villain and that he might have used OFA for not so good purposes. Maybe he used his powers to be a villain and became a rival to AFO. Maybe he was a power hungry guy and used OFA to try and usurp AFO’s position as the one who ruled the society from the shadows.

Now there are a lot of people who think that this is impossible because well, we see how All might was chosen and mentored by Nana to accept OFA while All Might chose Deku. But, it’s also mentioned earlier on in the manga that not all OFA holders got opportunities to choose their successors. While in a war like era caused by AFO, the OFA holders usually chose successors out of desperation. Instead of carefully choosing, mentoring and preparing their successors, the previous OFA holders had to pass on OFA to the nearby guy while being near death.

There’s also the possibility that the fourth user wasn’t himself a villain but his quirk was actually dangerous. Maybe something similar to Shigaraki’s decay or maybe something that affected him negatively like Endeavor’s or Dabi’s. It could also be possible that his quirk was what led him to his death and All might does not want Deku to be able to use it. Whatever maybe the reason for All Might’s reluctance, let us hope that we get answers to it soon!

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Right now we have Deku and Shigarki both in dire states and unable to battle. The League of Villains is heading towards Shigaraki and Dabi is more than excited about it. We might focus on the LOV for the next couple of chapters, especially Toga and Ochaco in My Hero Academia 288. Toga is very upset at Twice’s death and wants to ask Ochaco and Deku if they consider them ‘persons’.

With the arrival of the LOV, we may see Shoto battle them and maybe even get the much awaited Toya Todoroki reveal which Horikoshi possibly blocked in the chapters where Dabi battled Hawks. This could be the last straw that could bring down hero society especially after all these battles where heroes got injured, died and even innocent civilians were affected.

The fact that the UA students were also involved doesn’t bode well for UA and the Hero Commission. This could also indicate that the arc is nearing it’s climax and the arc could end with the beginning of the downfall of the hero society!

My hero academia chapter 288 release

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So what do you think is fishy about the fourth user? Why was All Might confused about info on him? What will happen in My Hero Academia 288? Will Ochaco and Toga battle? Will Shoto face off against Dabi? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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