Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 296 Spoilers, Bnha 296 Raw scans

This weeks chapter starts with Deku waking up after his beatdown, not quite in a coma yet but the work still isn’t finished, and as Deku awakens from his slumber all battered and bruised, where we get a little new tidbit of info, Deku has been getting random pains in his head over the past few chapters, and now we have an explanation for it, it’s a quirk of the fourth wielder of OFA, called danger sense.

My Hero Academia 295 Discussion:

In effect this new quirk is basically just a spidey sense, for all those who are familiar with spider man, it was a warning that danger is imminently approaching, get ready. The full extent of this new quirk is yet to be established, but for now we know that Deku can sense danger, although this quirk seems quite troublesome as it’s taking a massive toll on his mental strength, the pain it’s causing is right now is just getting in the way, it’ll be a while till this ability can be explored further.

Mr Compress is still doing his grand finale, with Lemillion as his audience who rugby tackles him who is bleeding out of his side, but paying no heed to his injuries he plots on how to gain control of the Nomus and turn the tide back onto his side, he explains his reasoning for compressing Shigi and Spinner where Spinner could try and wake Shigi up enough for him to transmit new orders to the Nomus.

Spinner is seen to be carrying Shigis old hand mask, and putting that one his face awakens something, but that something isn’t Shigi, All For One is back. Suspicions arise over the hand mask that Shigi is wearing, is it simply a mask of his fathers hand, or it is something more sinister, a device designed to brainwash Shigi and make it easier for OFA to impose his will onto his apprentice.

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OFA starts a sinister monologue, which boils down to him wanting Shigi to keep the hatred of society and everything else strong, so OFA can maintain his control over his host. With this he beings to command the Nomus using radio waves he can produce, although he explains that Shigi is not capable of doing so himself. OFA now makes his stance very clear, Shigi has lost meaning OFA has the right to take dominance now.

As for the rest of the fights, pretty much everyone is battered, OFA is content to make his retreat now as this blockbuster arc comes to a close, he sees Deku and tells him to wait till Shigis body is all healed up and Shigi is completely synced up with all the AFOs abilities, but surprisingly it looks like Deku doesn’t hate Shigi, but instead wishes to save him from AFOs evil grasp instead, how very shounen.

My Hero Academia 296 predictions: the aftermath of the fallout

Well after this rollercoaster arc you really do get a chance to finally catch your breath and relook at everything that happened in the arc, Shigi was OP as heck but the heroes came together and just about beat him off, some old faces return and we get the whole action packed drama. How will this end? A lot of rest is what’s needed for our heroes, and over the horizon i believe that Deku will be taking a much closer look at what powers he has and what he has left to gain, training to get used to his new abilities and generally all of the kids will use this as motivation to overcome all their weaknesses for the next round, whatever that may be.

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As for the villains side, they’re in quite the mess, with so many of the league either incapacitated or just dead, the league is in dire straits, and it will probably lead to more recruitment and expansion of their nefarious organisation, surely after seeing the villains taking on the heroes so brashly, many villains wannabes will be making a beeline towards Shigi now as he’s going to be the face of villainy now, he is the alt movement towards the current society, and they will run towards the new messiah.

My Hero Academia chapter 296 release

My hero academia 296 is postponed until next week so the Chapter is set to drop on the 3rd January, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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