What’s up guys? This week saw an action fuelled chapter in My Hero Academia with Shigaraki making his great escape and Deku, surprisingly, unlocking another new quirk, his second one in this very arc. The first one was Nana Shimura’s Float which he unlocked when he was desperately trying to save his friends while the second one that comes forth in this arc is the fourth user’s quirk which looks like it’s a danger sense just like Spider man’s Spider sense.

What’s however, strange about this quirk is the fact that All Might was apprehensive about the quirk and it’s user and had even scribbled out some information about the same in his notebook. Let’s delve more into why All Might could have been concerned about the fourth user of OFA and what this and the quirk could ultimately mean for Deku in the My Hero Academia 296 and in the future chapters.


Well of course, for a fact he’s dead now. We don’t know if he was killed whille fighting AFO or if he passed away like a normal retired hero. But since he was an OFA holder, the latter seems improbable. When we see All Might noting down info for Deku’s reference, he scribbled out something about the fourth user which even confused Bakugo. We never get the answer to what it was but as we get from Deku’s inner monologue, ot definitely was not information about his quirk because Deku did know that the danger sense he was feeling was the fourth user’s quirk finally making it’s appearance. So what was it that All Might scribbked out? It was very possibly wjat happened to the fourth user.

We know that danger sense causes an overwhelming of the senses. It makes the user aware that someone is in danger. Maybe what really could result from this is an immense amount of guilt. Guilt of not being able to be there for everybody and save everybody in danger. This would indeed by heavy and burdensome for people who are heroes because this does, in a way make them feel like they’re ignoring their duties.This quirk is also burdensome in the sense that the user would even be forced to make difficult choices between saving different lives and prioritising certain ones, a position nobody wants to be put into.

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Very probably, the sheer amount of stress, burden and responsibility that comes with this kind of a quirk pushed the fourh user past the breaking point and drove him insane which may have led him to take some dangerous steps.Or maybe he was so tired of the burden that he abandoned civilization and isolated himself somwehere where he wouldn’t have to deal with this. In an ‘ignorance is bliss’ sense. All Might probably got to know of this and was very concerned about how this could affect somebody like Deku and probably didn’t want to scare him. Hence all the scribbling out about the fate of the fourth user.


Deku , as we know, from his monologue for Shigaraki, is someone who loves saving and iis not the kind of tough guy who will leave anybody behind. He went head on against somebody as fearsome as Overhaul to save Eri, a kid he barely knew. For someone like Deku, this quirk is the ultimate punishment and a severe form of psychological torture. Maybe this is Deku’s turn to learn the fact that, no, he can’t save everyone just like how All Might had to learn this via Nana’s death. Deku has to come to terms with this and this will obviously lead to more character development. It will be interesting to see how Deku learns to master this extremely torturous quirk being the kind of person he is. We could actually see taking a break from crime fighting in an effort to train this quirk which of course, is enhanced due to OFA but the truth is that he will never give up, so yes, Deku is in for a very transformative journey ahead.[11:47 PM]


Currently we see that Shigaraki has made his escape along with Spinner, Dabi, etc while Compress is in pieces and will probably die in the coming couple of chapters. With Shigaraki escaping after AFO took over, it looks like this arc is finally done for and we’re going to see the aftermath of whatever happened in this arc with the injured heroes being treated, the dead being counted etc. Gran Torino might die onscreen and we’ll get to know what happened to Midnight, Thriteen etc.

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Top guns like Crust are dead. Mirko and Hawks are severely injured and Hawks might never even be a hero again. We don’t know what really happened at the villa and if heroes like Edgeshot are okay after taking on Redestro. Edneavor is is shambles and has the whole world to deal with now. So yes, the hero rankings are going for an overhaul. There’s also the entire issue of the kids getting involved in such a massive battle that sane parents will never approve of. Deku’s mother will probably have a breakdown now that Deku is also very badly injured. The coming chapters of My Hero Academia could verry well deal with all this uncertainty and hopelessness surrounding the hero society!

My Hero Academia 296 will release on the 3rd of January 2021. So what do you guys think about the fourth user’s quirk? What really happened to him? What is going to happen to the hero society? Will it crumble under all the weight of what happened? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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