Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 301 Spoilers, Bnha 301 Raw scans

As expected from the previous chapters, society is in utter chaos, villains are running rampant as the heroes numbers have been throughly reduced, so who is left to protect the civilians? Well, the civilians protect themselves, instead of relying on quirks, as previous chapters alluded too, they have decided to make up for it with support items instead. Mob justice is not the flavour of the month, and to be honest, in this situation it’s the best they can hope for, so good on them.

My Hero Academia 230 Discussion:

The few heroes who are left patrolling and responding probably don’t manage to make it in time for apprehend the villains themselves, so once they do arrive on the scene, the surrounding areas are usually carnage, as Wash, the washing machine with legs sees how untrained civilians wreck havoc, and it’s not good, they’re destroying buildings and lots of casualties. However the civilians state to Wash that they tried waiting in their homes but got caught in the crossfire anyway so it didn’t really make a difference if they waited or got involved, the result was the same regardless, so why not be proactive?

Heroes were seen to quit in previous chapters, but the biggest blow comes when the number 9 ranked hero Yoroi Musha (no, we’ve never seen this guy before) quits, which begins a landslide of resignations leaving the heroes really on the backfoot.

Fake heroes who were only in it for the fame and money which Stein talked about so early in the series, well we’ve come full circle with those same fake heroes flaking out when society needs them most, only the truly dedicated heroes are remaining, but unfortunately it seems there aren’t that many of them around.

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On the topic of Stein, guess who escaped from prison? Can’t wait for him to appear once again, this time around I think he’s going to be a lot more popular with society, his philosophy being adopted by more and more people, the outcome when Stein and Deku etc collide once more will be very juicy.

my hero academia 301 Stain

Now moving to one of the secondary plots, we come to Endeavour, who is awake in hospital. He’s sitting in hospital, nursing his wounds, as well as his battered pride, the shock of Dabi being Toya, his eldest son running deeper than any physical injury ever would, the knowledge that he created a mass murderer by the way of his spartan expectations and pressure, and the fact that he himself could never bring himself to actually fight his son properly is mentally taxing.

This pain is probably greater than any pain he’s ever felt, and his heart is tormented by it. Shoto and the rest of the Todoroki children arrive to see their father, who they see in a rare moment of weakness, however one additional person is there, who normal isn’t, Rei Todoroki, Endeavours wife and mother of Shoto etc.

Her entrance is probably one of the most powerful ones you will ever see, and she instantly starts slapping away Endeavours issues, telling him how his issues are comparatively worthless compared to the ones he forced upon his family, and I expect she will deliver the much needed slap of sense into her husband which will kick him onto dealing with the Toya issue and potentially all of their family issues once and for all.

My Hero Academia chapter 301 predictions:

Well this is a wild ride, so many different plots ongoing it’s hard to really say who is coming next, but i’m going to assume it has to be Dekus turn now, he’s been stuck in his “coma” for far too long without us getting any insight of whats happening in his head.

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As for the rest, i’m excited to see Stein back and wonder if he will lead his own band of vigilantes who also hate the fakeness of many heroes and will lead the charge in shaping this new society.

The Todoroki family intervention also looks like it’ll be led by Mamroki, who has probably got lots of bottle up feelings she’s about to unload on Endeavour which will be fun to see, about 20 years or more of resentment, will she forgive him, or will she take a different route?

Finally the Shigi path, where he’s asleep and AFO is out, i’m very interested to see who the villains are they broke out from jail and what powers they have, as well as learning what AFOs big new plan is.

My Hero Academia chapter 301 release date:

BNHA 301 will be released on the 14th February, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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