Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 289 Spoilers, Bnha 289 Raw

Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding My hero academia 289 and bnha chapter 289 raw and recap of the most recent chapter of bnha Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

My Hero Academia 288 Discussion:

The opening scene is very interesting, a mysterious hero is arriving to the scene, one who is not in full health, who could this possibly be? Hint, denim, lots of denim. That’s right, looks like best jeanist, one of the strongest heroes is arriving as backup for the small issue of a rampaging Giga.

Meanwhile back in the city the heroes are scrambling to evacuate the city, where giga is said to be travelling at 100km/h, which is an insane speed for someone so large, he’s a huge tank, a behemoth of a battering ram who is tearing down the city in his wake, people scrambling for cover and the heroes all but helpless in stopping him so they have to make do with just trying to get as many people away from the danger zone.

The POV changes now to the league sitting on the back of Giga, they detect heroes, and although there are less than they anticipated it’s still a danger to their plan. Toga, who is still brooding over twices death and the actions of heroes and what they will do with toga if they catch her. Clearly the fact that Hawks killed Twice has completely messed with her mind to such an extent that she is having a crisis of faith in the hero system.

my hero academia 289

The villains spot Uruaka and froppy and Toga instantly goes after them, she wants to hear their answers to her question. Just before she leaves she gets a nice pep talk, telling her that everyone is messed up about Twices death and the league really is a place where they all belong together so if she goes she had to make sure she comes back (deathflag much?).

Now we switch over to Uruka who is helping with the evacuation, issuing instructions to the citizens on safe evacuation. She meets a random citizen who asks for help moving her bedridden husband, which she obliges with, but by the time she gets back, Toga has already taken that womans blood and is masquerading in her body.

Uruka is furious when she finds out that Toga murdered the woman just to ask her what she wants to do to her, which clearly offends Toga, the question is very important to her, the centre of her identity almost, but Uruka makes it plainly clear she has other priorities, she’s too busy to deal with Toga so she can either leave, or Uruka is gonna take her down asap.

My Hero Academia 289 Spoilers & Predictions:

Well looks like we’re gonna have a cat fight on our hands, Uruka and Toga will be going head to head, Uruka wanting to finish the fight so she can get back to her main mission of evacuating citizens and Toga so she can get an answer to her question.

Giga is getting closer and closer as well, if they can’t find a way to stop him he’s going to arrive at Shigis location, and that’s no good for anyone. The ace in the hole is best jeanist, what can he pull out the bag to stop Giga? We he do he old rope his legs trick? Just trip him over and hope he knocks himself out? Not a bad idea, if you can’t beat him make him beat himself.

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Actually where’s the brainwash kid, just fly him up to giga and make him knock himself out, easiest solution ever. This will be interesting to see how it goes, with Moms drug still being a factor here, I feel the combination of Best Jeanist plus drug will be enough to take Giga down.

My hero academia 289: What will be the the future of UA after this arc?

As we see in the recent most chapter, the war against Shigaraki and the villains looks like it’s heading for a climax with Shigaraki out of commission currently. Even Deku who unlocked a new quirk and even got help from the previous OFA holders, is at his limit. Other major characters like Aizawa and Endeavor are also injured. Gran Torino is at death’s door and will probably pass away soon. More importantly, Bakugo is also very severely injured. Numerous other heroes are also injured. Top heroes, especially the top 10 is mostly out of commission right now with top heroes like Hawks looking like they may never make a return to being a hero.

We also gave Giganto machia arriving with the League to help Shigaraki. Toga just lured Ochaco into a battle while Dabi is planning on making his huge reveal.We will see the climax of this arc coming up with Dabi and the rest of the league getting involved in a battle with the heroes who are near where Shigaraki is. With many of them having fallen, it looks like it’s upto Shoto Todoroki and others like Manuel and Rock Lock to deal with Mahcia and the League as of now.

Dabi looked very excited for the battle which could very well imply that we are about to get the Touya Todoroki reveal soon. Wee could finally see the battle conclude with the arrival of Jeanist who might actually deal with Gigantomachia. With the end of this arc, we will see the public questioning the validity of the hero society. Not only did they fail in their mission to get a hold of Shigaraki as of now, they also failed at containing a threat like Gigantomachia who along with Shigaraki have caused quite a lot of damage not only to the heroes but also the general public too.

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The public would start questioning the hero society’s ability to do their jobs. If we see the Touya Todoroki reveal happen, then that would serve as another blow to the trust the public have in heroes. But the last straw in causing the public to distrust heroes is probably going to be the fact that students, especially UA students got involved and even severely injured in the battle.

The very fact that kids were involved in such a dangerous situation could see the public protest against UA and could even lead to it’s eventual closure!We see Bakugo and Deku out of commission with Bakugo looking like he’s going to be in the hospital for maybe months. He basically got impaled. Deku’s body will have faced the repercussions for using OFA like he did.

Ochaco might get injured in the fight against Toga. Todoroki might too, after a fight Dabi. And how will the public react to these kids getting injured? And will they be fine with the fact that a bunch of students had to basically take on an entity like Gigantomachia? Also important is the fact that we only see the UA students get involved in the raid and the battles. None of the other schools have sent their students. How will the parents, especially those like Deku’s mother, react to their children being put in the midst of danger? Deku’s mother was already reluctant to let Deku to attend UA and be a hero in one of the previous arcs. It was only after All Might reassuring her that she finally relented.

She might not relent this time. The fact that only the UA students got involved might cause a public outrage against UA. The fact that the Hero Commission runs programs like the one Hawks was enrolled in would be unsettling for the public.The Hero Commission could be accused of using children as soldiers and the heroes could very well be termed ineffective in dealing with threats. This is the second time the UA students are being put in danger. We clearly see how people reacted against Bakugo getting kidnapped in a previous arc.

This time, the reactions are going to be much worse with so many students getting involved. The students were also notably in dorms and staying away from their families too in order for the school administration to identify the traitor. Couple that with the general distrust that the public will have against the heroes, we could see UA getting shut down or at least ceasing their operations for a while! We could see the students being pulled from UA and being put into the other schools as parents might lose their trust in UA to keep it’s students away from danger.

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We could hence also see the manga’s tone change to take a darker one! It is also being speculated that we will see another major attack on UA and might see All Might dying in the future!


We saw Jeanist approaching the battleground and the LOV approaching Shigaraki’s location. A lot of heroes are injured so it’ll be very interesting to see what happens and how the fight goes. It’ll also interesting to see how the Touya Todoroki reveal plays out if it does play out. Toga and Ochaco’s battle is also very intriguing as this would be Ochaco’s first serious battle in a while.

It will be great to see her finally get more screen time. We might also see characters like Iida, Froppy etc. also fight the various members of the League atleast until Jeanist arrives. Jeanist as we know, was supposed to have died. Hawks was supposed to have killed him to gain entry into the League of Villains. So Jeanist is not being expected by the villains and is the heroes’ trump card here.

Deku is currently out of commission, so we may not see him in action. Same with Shigaraki. This looks like it will be the time for Shoto Todoroki to finally shine in this arc where we didn’t see him do much, even though he’s the tritagonist of the manga!

My hero academia chapter 289 release

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So what do you guys think will happen to UA? Will it shut down? Will parents protest against the school? Or will Shigaraki destroy it? What is Deku’s future as a hero? How is he going to deal with his mother? Where is this arc going now? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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