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What’s up guys? This week saw another new chapter of Chainsaw man. We see the return of a favourite character in a rather unexpected new form. And things have taken an interesting turn with Pochita as we move into Chainsaw man 91. Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 91 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

Chainsaw Man chapter 90 Discussion:

This chapter of Chainsaw man is aptly titled ‘SuperPower’. So you guys can guess who came back from the dead. It’s none other than everybody’s best girl, Power who was dismembered by Makima a bunch of chapters ago. This chapter is another testament to Fujimoto’s incredible skills at tying up events in the manga together as Power returns due to her having fed her blood to Denji in one of the earlier chapters of the manga. Power continued to exist as that part of blood in Denji and is awoken by Pochita.

Pochita also feeds her himself so that she could survive in the physical realm and save Denji from Makima. To Makima’s utter shock, Power returns to life in a much scarier and more powerful form. This is also probably her true form as the Blood Devil. Power proceeds to protect Denji and kill Makima and her henchmen.

chainsaw man 91

Makima, who is too shocked at Power’s return orders her to say how she managed to come back but she doesn’t answer. This is where we can observe the weakness in Makima’s powers. Power fed on Pochita who is a stronger devil than herself and became stronger and returned. This is Power at her fullest power as she herself claims that. In that moment she thought and firmly believed that she was the strongest. Even Makima seemed to believe so and hence she was able to resist Makima’s control and not answer her because Makima’s powers only work when Makima truly believes that she is superior to her foe.

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Makima quickly gains control of herself and asks Power to hand over Denji who she’s seen protecting as Makima summons the Zombie devil to attack them. Power, staying true to her cowardly nature falters and gets scared when she gets attacked relentlessly. In a rather funnily shocking turn of events, Power hands over Denji to Makima. The chapter ends with a frustrated and disappointed Pochita looking on as Power betrays Denji!

CHAINSAW MAN 91 Spoilers & Analysis:

So we just saw Super Power eat Pochita and betray Denji like a coward. Pochita looks very disappointed we’ll probably see him try to deal with this situation in Chainsaw man 91. An interesting thing to factor in is that Pochita still refers to the Chainsaw Devil as Denji meaning that Denji is still there in there.

So we might see him return in the upcoming chapters. While Power does look like she’s a bad friend and just betrayed Chainsaw man, we could see the tables turn and her running off with Denji as we know that Power is not one to abandon close friends that easily as we have seen her do with Meowy for whom she faced the Bat Devil.Another possibility is that Power could hand over Denji right now but may find more allies to rescue him later in the story. A team up with Kishibe is an option for Power. Or maybe with some other Devil. Kishibe is a major player in the battle against Makima.

We know that he learned about the details of her contract with the Prime Minister. So he could be hatching a plan to weaken and kill her by enabling the cancellation of that particular contract. He could be planning to kill the Prime Minister maybe. We also have to meet the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse whom Makima is trying to destroy.

CHAINSAW MAN 91 Release date:

Chainsaw man 91 will release on the 1st of November 2020! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 91?Did Power really betray Denji? What will Pochita do? When will see Denji return again? Will we see Aki come back too? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: One Piece 994 & Black Clover 270

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