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What’s  up guys? Chainsaw  man dropped an expository  new  chapter this week. Finally, after almost 80 chapters, we see what Denji was hiding behind the door. We are also introduced  to some confusing motivations for Makima’s actions. Read on to find out what happened this chapter  and what could happen in Chainsaw  man 83 but do make sure that  you’ve  caught up with the manga before reading  on to avoid spoilers!

Chainsaw Man chapter 82 Discussion:

Makima shows how truly sinister she is, in this chapter. We see an almost traumatized Denji ask Makima to convince  him that this  was all a dream after Power gets fingerblasted into literal pieces. Makima, instead laughs in his face and makes Denji know that this was all intentional, as per her plan to not let Denji live a normal life. According  to Makima, Pochita gave Denji a heart in exchange for Denji living a normal life. Makima expects for the contract  to break, now that Denji  has experienced immeasurable  pain after the death of his family and will never  be able to live a normal  life. Makima also warns Denji that she’ll  kill all her companions if he ever tried to make new ones.

chainsaw man 83

This chapter  also sees the ‘door’ opening and revealing Denji’s past where he was forced to kill his drunk father in self defence at a tender age of 5. Denji had hidden away this fact in order to enable himself to live a normal life in the future. Makima, for some weird reason considers this a sin even though she knows that this was an act done in self defense. We see this nutjob of a woman casually  eat her breakfast after telling a terribly defeated looking Denji that he was the cause of  Aki and Power dying and that he doesn’t  deserve to live a normal life.

Though this chapter gave us tidbits of what motivations might be, we’re  still not made aware of what they actually  are. From  the looks of it, she’s has bad history with the much feared Chainsaw Devil and wants to take revenge. By the looks of the events, Makima  is being built  up as the final villain with even characters like Kishibe and Santa having planned to kill her. Two main characters and Denji’s inly friends in the story are dead. So it will be interesting to see how he plans to battle Makima if he does want to.

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CHAINSAWMAN 83 Spoilers & Predictions:

chainsaw man Chapter 83 might see Denji having a direct convo with the Chainsaw Devil. Not the fluffy cute Pochita bit most probably  his actual form. If we go by what the Future Devil predicted, a much feared Devil is soon going to make an appearance and there’s  a high chance  that it will be none other  than the Chainsaw  Devil aka Pochita.

As of now, Denji looks like he’s lost all hope and he might not even try to fight Makima in Chainsaw man 83. Or maybe he’ll get some motivation from Pochita and start battling  Makima finally! All in all, his is Fujimoto we’re talking about and he likes doing unpredictable things to a story so well, all of the above might not even happen.

CHAINSAW MAN 83 Release date:

Chainsaw man 83 will release on September 6th!
So what did you think of CSM 82 and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 83? Will we see Denji fight back? Will he talk to Pochita? Will the Chainsaw Devil finally appear? Share your thoughts  in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 283 & One Piece 989

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