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What’s up guys? Chainsaw man is back with another brutal chapter and has left readers with more unanswered questions, yet again. This makes Chainsaw man 78 widely anticipated and while we wait for it to drop, let’s talk about what happened in the latest chapter. Please do read further only if you’ve caught up with the manga!

Chainsaw Man chapter 77 Discussion:

Chainsaw man never fails to surprise and confuse it’s fans. This Chapter is no different. On top of that, it’s sad and is almost refractory especially for one of the main characters. The chapter starts with Denji’s apartment doorbell ringing. Power is about to open the door when Denji gets a phone call from Makima explaining that the Gun Devil is after Denji after having lost to Makima. Denji finds this impossible to believe at first but then he slowly grows suspicious and then uncomfortable.

The uneasiness grows as Makima tells him that the Gun Devil escaped in another body and culminates in Denji opening the door and getting blown to bits by none other than Aki, who now has guns coming out of his head.

Power escapes with Meowy but Aki follows her. It’s almost ironical how Aki does the very same thing he was trying to prevent. It won’t be  overkill to say that Aki has had the worst fortune in the manga. From seeing his family killed in front of his eyes to being the vessel for the being that killed his family and trying to kill his new family, his journey hasn’t exactly been filled with rainbows and unicorns.

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Add to this the ominous prediction from the future devil, it’s hard not to feel a tinge of sadness for Aki whose past, present as well as future are a tinged with despair and is stuck in a cycle of hopelessness. Aki is hardly himself anymore as he attacks Power without a shred of reluctance. The chapter ends with Denji, in full Chainsaw man mode, intercepting Aki’s attack.

Makima as always is mysterious in this chapter too. It’s almost weird that the battle between her and the Gun Devil hasn’t been shown. If a guess is to be made, it looks like Makima is using Denji as an experiment. Makima has always been implied to know about the Chainsaw devil’s true strength and prowess and maybe she thinks that the Chainsaw devil is the only devil that can defeat the Gun Devil and is somehow hoping for Denji to go full Chainsaw mode.

It will be intriguing to see what happens between Denji and the Gun Devil and whether this will result in him opening the forbidden door.

CHAINSAW MAN 78 Spoilers & Predictions:

Chainsaw man 78 is also expected to be similarly brutal with Aki and Denji clashing. It’s not clear how soon Aki might get killed. If we go by the future devil’s predictions, Power might also get possessed by the Gun Devil in the near future forcing Denji to kill her too. Makima still remains a mystery and is being speculated to be the villain of the series. Her motivations especially regarding the future of the world are still unclear.

chainsaw man 78

Fujimoto is known to subvert expectations so Makima might turn out to be the good.Another big question is about Aki’s status. Is he alive somewhere inside or is he gone? Pochita’s past and his true nature and the door, however are  the biggest mysteries of the series. Let’s hope that Chainsaw man 78 gives us more answers regarding the same.

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Chainsaw man 78 will be released on the 19thof July!

So what did you think of this Chapter? What do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 78? Can Denji bring Aki back? Can he save Power? What is Makima upto? How can the Gun Devil be defeated? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 278 & One Piece 985

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