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Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding kingdom 648 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of kingdom, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 647 Discussion (Recap):

Chapter 647, is quite important in terms of story progression. The Zhao political arc is now over, with Prince Sen defeating his brother Prince Ka to become the King of Zhao.

Ultimately, this chapter starts off with Riboku picking himself up and planning his next move. He summons his vassals which are Bananji, Shun Shin Ju, Futei, and Kaine to discuss his plans. Riboku is glad to see that they are all in one piece. We even get our first glimpse of Bananji following the war. It is confirmed that Bananji has lost his right eye during his duel with Mouten.

During the meeting Shun Shin Ju explains that they have three options. They can either turn themselves in and face punishment from the Zhao king, they can continue to run away, or they can invade Kantan and overthrow King Sen. Shun Shin Ju goes on to suggest that if they decide to go for the third option, then they should establish Riboku as the King of Zhao. However, Riboku swiftly shoots Shun Shin Ju down and explains that placing himself or Prince Ka as king of Zhao would never work because the citizens of Zhao would never accept new royalty obtained through force.

Riboku explains that they actually have some time on their hands, because Sen would have to go through a commencement to officially become king of Zhao. With that said, Bananji comments that Qin poses the greatest threat to Zhao, and that it is only a matter of time before Sen and Kakukai begs for Riboku to return and fend off the Qin invaders.

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Riboku also understands that this is precisely what will happen. He knows that Kakukai will take his advice on deploying troops to fend of Qin, and that Qin would not be able to break those lines for some time. This time will allow Riboku to complete his plan. Riboku goes on to explain that they will all go to Seika, which is Shibashou’s city. Riboku plans to go to Shibashou and recruit him to their side. With Shibashou by their side, they would be adding someone strong enough to be considered for one of Zhao’s Three Great Heavens seat. Finally, after recruiting Shibashou, they would then be able to return to Kantan and fend off Qin to essentially save themselves from persecution.

kingdom 648

From here there is one year time skip. The year is now 235 BCE. We learn that Qin has not been able to advance their lines further into Zhao. Readers are taken inside Kanyou where Sei and many officials are trying to figure out what to do next, as far as the Zhao invasion is concerned. During this meeting, Mister Shi walks in and requests to speak with Sei privately. The reason is to delay the information from reaching Shou Hei Kun, and Ri Shi for a little while. Mister Shi, goes on to explain that Ryo Fui has been active in recruiting officials from factions of Ketsu, Ai, and his own faction. Ryo Fui’s power has been steadily rising and now once again poses a significant threat to Sei. Mister Shi suggests that Sei gives the order to kill Ryo Fui, and end the threat once and for all. However, Sei says that he will instead meet and talk to Ryo Fui before any such command is given.

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Kingdom 648 Spoilers & Predictions:

For kingdom chapter 648, we transition from a brief Zhao political arc to a Qin political arc. We can expect to learn more about what Ryo Fui is planning, and more about his new internal infrastructure.

Sei and Shou Bun Kun will also be planning Sei’s visit to Ryo Fui and may discuss their objective for the meeting. I am really curious on whether Sei will summon Ryo Fui to Kanyou, or if Sei will go directly to Ryo Fui and confront him. I do not expect the meeting between the two to take place next chapter, but that this will merely serve as the precursor to the meeting.

There is a chance we will get an update on the Qin/Zhao front lines. I expect to see a few panels of Ri Shin getting frustrated over the Qin’s armies lack of progress. There is a good chance that Ousen has recognized that since Shin, Ouhon, and Mouten have full fledged armies now, that by not attacking with a sense of urgency they are slowly training those new recruits with real battle experience. The best training for new recruits is with actual real life combat. Now that a year has gone by, its likely that those armies are significantly stronger, now that they been involved with near constant battling. It could be similar to what Moubu did with his army against Rihaku during the Bayou arc.

Kingdom 648 Raw and Release date:

kingdom 648 will be released on Thursday, July 16th. You can read the highest quality translated version of the chapter on While Kingdom is currently not printed in English, please support Hara-sensei when it becomes available. don’t forget to check our latest chapters: My hero academia 278 & One piece 985

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