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Ey up guys. Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 257 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Sorry it’s a bit late but technology doesn’t always work perfectly. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 256 Discussion:

If there’s one thing Yami does it’s surpass his limits. Well that and poop like there’s no tomorrow, but that’s irrelevant. Dante ups the percentage of Devil power he’s exerting even more, to 80%. Finral briefly considers aiding his captain. Considering Finral first started as a coward, to see him now being willing to face a Devil Host for his comrades is some nice development there. We then find out the hosts can only use so much of their Devil’s power when said devil remains in the Underworld.

Dante then unleashes a new spell, Gravity Singularity. Yami dodges it before said spell leaves a hole in a frickin mountain. Next Yami tries to counter with a Dark Dimension Slash but Dante is able to warp it. He then tries to go in for a closer attack but is nearly torn apart by the Singularity before having a boulder dropped on him. Normally this would kill you, but this is Shonen where tis but a scratch. Yami once again surpasses said limits and unleashes a new spell simply entitled Death. Wonder what that does……oh just obliterates Dante’s entire torso. Aaaaaaaand with that the chapter ends.

So this was a fun read. Yami is a badass so it’s always nice to see him executing exactly that. But it was also nice to see him struggle a bit. Without development and challenges for the character said badassery would feel forced and hollow.

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Black Clover 257

Black Clover Chapter 257 Spoilers & Predictions:

So I think next chapter we will start to see Yami really struggle. Dante can exert more of his Devil’s power yet and next time we will see that and start to get Yami on the ropes. This could get brutal….. We haven’t even seen Dante’s own magic yet but given the internet speculation that it is flesh-related, he better start using it now if he wants to make it out alive. Given there are six other Black Bulls there now (Asta, Vanessa, Grey, Gauche, Finral and Henry), it’s likely one of them will try to jump in and help Yami. But any one of them would get annihilated if they did try.

Maybe this is how Dante will capture Yami; he will surrender to spare the lives of the kids, cos Dante clearly has no qualms about killing the kids should he need to. Mind you, Yami’s pets are canon and should be hiding in the Base. Maybe they’ll try to fight Dante, or perhaps Yami will order them to get the kids as far away as possible. Whatever happens Yami will live but what that exactly means may vary hugely…….

Black Clover Chapter 257 Spoilers & Predictions:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Black Clover chapter 257 should be available on 12 July 2020 Black clover 256 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 256 can be found here. don’t forget to check our latest chapters: Owari no Seraph 93, My hero academia 278 & Chainsaw Man 77

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