Black Clover chapter 280 Spoilers, Raw and release date

Ey up guys. Everywhere else in the UK it’s snowing but where I am? Nah we don’t get the fun stuff we just get freezing temperatures but nowt snow. Typical ey. Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 280 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 279 Discussion

So…..a lot happened this time. We start off with the Demon God falling from Mereoleona’s attack and her mocking it. Because of course Mereo would taunt her enemy after she kicks their ass. The rebels on the rooftop (sounds like a song lyric when I read it out) stand in awe but then are greeted by Ralph and the remaining Clover Squad (Sekke, Rades, Valdos, Sally and the other guy who’s name I forget but kinda screams cannon fodder). Ralph describes Yuno as the very image of Lady Ciel and has the heart of Lord Loyce. Honestly I find this weird as he’d previously said Yuno was the spitting image of his father and from what we just saw in the anime that was very much the case. Maybe a mistranslation? Anyway, the other rebel leader contemplates their chances of victory as we go over to the Squads in Triad Castle. One of Nacht’s Devils, the Cat Devil, seems to be jumping around the castle through shadows inspecting the battles before reporting back to Nacht who reasons that they still have plenty of time before the Underworld Gate opens.

I don’t want to say Nacht jinxed it but…….almost as soon as he says this, everyone seems cloaked in a sense of foreboding as the entire castle becomes covered in vine like roots. Nacht then commands the Cat Devil, revealed to be named Plumede, to perform Devil Union Mode: Felis and thus casts the spell Shadow Magic: Heaven’s Shadow Second Sight. It seems he’s able to use the shadows to look through the castle and finds the Site of the Advent of Qlipoth is already active.

He recognises the one there is Morris of the Diamond Kingdom, who it turns out has been able to “hack” Loropechika’s Water Magic and see into the library in her mind that has access to the knowledge of all previous hosts of the Water Spirit (kind of like her version of the Avatar State, seen during her battle with Vanica and Megicula). Through his investigation he has been able to find a way to speed up the process of Qlipoth’s “growth.” Oh dear…….he then comments the irony of being blind has allowed him to be blessed with abilities like this. Just what does he mean? That he was able to become a Devil Host who could use the Devil’s Magic to utilise his eyes in ways that seemingly wouldn’t have been doable had he been born with sight. What does this mean? Oh only that he could extract and transplant even Loropechika’s wisdom. We see him leering over an unconscious and floating Loro as he continues this spell on her. Yikes, poor girl that looks painful to put it mildly.

Nacht then realises the Underworld Gate is being opened immediately and tries to head down to stop it when………two Devils appear before him. Before they can react they are blown across the room with Jack practically exploding into the wall, and Nacht barely managing to land on his feet (but he is united with a Cat Devil………) as he realises these two are Devils of the highest Order. The Devils comment about how they’re just messing about right now……..and end chapter.

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Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. things just went up to 11. It was great seeing Mereoleona again, and getting confirmation where Sekke and the Gang were. Seeing the abilities of another of Nacht’s Devils was cool. But oh boy, seeing what a danger Morris actually is was great but creepy too. He clearly has no morals at all. And everyone obviously underestimated him too, which in a way seems silly seeing what he could do to mages with his modifications. But the fact he was able to get into Loro’s mind just like that and go through all those memories and knowledge with ease? Yikes that is baaaaaaaad news even on top of everything else that is happening. But poor Loro girl must be going through hell right now, the fact she can’t even fight back makes me wonder just what the curse entails. Those Devils are also suitably creepy, the fact that even Nacht is freaking out tells you all you need to know really. And not just that, but Dante’s look of surprise almost looks worried too, what if even he is nervous about this? I like that it seems to have totally thrown everyone’s plans/plots into chaos, there is a genuine sense of unexpectancy from all parties involved. It feels like a nice subversion of expectations, I don’t think anyone expected things to go south this fast.

Black Clover Chapter 280 Spoilers & Predictions:

So here’s the thing…….Morris’ Devil Marks on his face looked a lot like Dante’s. What if Lucifero is secretly double crossing Dante and working with Morris? Given Dante’s seeming surprise at the Devils early arrival would suggest he didn’t expect this, so maybe Lucifero and the Devils have their own plans.

The obvious thing that’s going to happen is these Devils are going to kick Nacht and Jack. Just what their magic is is hard to tell other than it seems to be obviously connected. Maybe they’re twins, or lovers. They seem to share some kind of helmet both having half on opposite sides of their faces. One seems to have a spikey arm of perhaps rock or bone, along with similarly spikey wings. Whereas the other has a more ethereal arm? It’s hard to tell but it could be either liquid or gas though I’m inclined to think it’s some kind of water/liquid substance. Given Nacht is spooked I expect this to be an ass-kicking but I don’t think this will just be a one-sided beatdown. At least not entirely.

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We still had the other captains fighting a series of Dark Disciples. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all off-screen (which I wouldn’t mind, we all know these guys are pure cannon fodder) and then we see them reacting to the current situation. Having them save the other captains would be cool, I get the feeling they won’t be quite as drained having to only fight weaker enemies and thus not exert as much mana.

I wonder if we’ll see Asta training. The thing is he doesn’t seem to know the truth about his mother yet and I’m really hoping we get that moment at some time before he faces Lucifero, it’ll make that fight so much more satisfying when both he and Liebe get their revenge. And sure he could just turn up in the battle and save everyone, though part of me thinks we’ll see him before that. As well as this, we have yet to discover what exactly the Elves Ultimate Magic is, and while we’re at it, does Mimosa still not know about the fate of the Golden Dawn? Surely if she did she would go straight over there to help, but if she went now she’d hear of the assault on the Spade Kingdom. Then again maybe that’s how their lot hear of it and go to assist. Also I will keep mentioning the other Black Bulls back at the base until they do something dammit.

Black Clover Chapter 280 Release date:

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