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Ey up guys. Been listening to Immortal all day, if you’ve no idea who they are they’re basically the only band from the early 90s Norwegian Black Metal scene that aren’t terrible people. Also the music is absolutely bangin. Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 265 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 264 Discussion:

So Nacht carries on from his speech from last week, explaining the powers of the Dark Triad. He then explains how his (unnamed as of yet) magic can allow him to bring a small group to infiltrate the Spade Castle so he can only take the best. So Jack obviously assumes this means him, and Yuno immediately volunteers. The others try to sway him but Nacht reveals he knows Ralph came to the Clover Kingdom in secret, and is in Hage (or the Golden Dawn HQ) right now.

Yuno admits to this, and what he was told; that he is in fact the usurped Prince of the Spade Kingdom. Everyone is (unsurprisingly) shocked, but Asta’s split-second-later reaction takes the biscuit his face is priceless. Yuno remains calm whilst Asta is anything but which……is exactly how these two have always worked and it’s great. Yuno then makes the point that Ralph will likely know the layout of the enemy kingdom and Castle very well so could be vital to this mission.

Jack then retorts that Ralph could be a spy, or even Yuno himself. Yuno then goes on a mini-rant about how he is aware none of the captains trust William Vangeance (I mean can you blame them?) but Vangeance has done nothing but work to re-earn that trust both from the captains and the Golden Dawn. And during the fight with Zenon, William was putting all his effort into saving the other members whilst fighting simultaneously.

black clover 265

He stated he is aware he betrayed their trust and wants to win it back, but also notes how they stuck with him anyway and that they Are my Pride and Dream. Thus Yuno concludes that as far as he is concerned William is no traitor and the Golden Dawn are the strongest Brigade. Ironic considering half of them were wiped out but maybe telling Yuno that right now isn’t the best idea………Oh and also that he will be the one to save William. When Jack starts to jab back, Bell appears looking pissed. Which is kinda great to see really, she may be a bit of a tsundere but we’ve never seen her looking this mad before. She states they (her and Yuno) are storing up Mana for facing off Zenon again.

Asta says Yuno being the Spade Kingdom prince changes nothing and that they’ll save their captains together. Nacht then says they will leave in 2 days, and when Charlotte says they tried to contact the Heart Kingdom to no avail, Nacht replies that it is likely during the attacks on the Clover Kingdom, Vanica simultaneously attacked the Heart Kingdom. As Asta starts to realise this, we skip over to Noelle waking up to find the former Eye of the Midnight Sun leaders (Patri, Vetto, Raia and Fana) overlooking her.

Oh boy that was a lot, but a good lot. It’s hard to guess what are the exact functions of Nacht’s magic are but if he can’t transport many perhaps it’s not as much a support-style magic. Yuno could do with a good night’s rest before he goes off gallivanting around a rival kingdom. His speech about Golden Dawn being so great did seem a bit denialist and naive considering their headquarters are wrecked and the massacre that happened there less than a week ago but eh he clearly needs some kind of hope to keep him from going off the edge at this point. It does help William’s case a bit more seeing as how he was rather offscreened in the chapters where the attack took place.

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Black Clover Chapter 265 Spoilers & Predictions:

in terms of Black Clover 265, Perhaps this time we finally go over to the Heart Kingdom? We did end with Noelle so it makes sense to carry on there but we could easily jump back to Clover. I wonder exactly what the Elves are doing there. Sure Fana has some healing powers but I doubt they’d all need to be there for that. Perhaps the Clover Kingdom sent them over as aid to the Heart Kingdom.

We never got confirmation but I always assumed they were all being kept locked up in some high security prison. I could see the Clover Kingdom trying to utilise them as some kind of “Suicide Squad” i.e. send them off to fight a dangerous opponent and if they succeed they may get time take off whatever sentence they were given.

Although in fairness I could still see the Elves going rogue as despite the events of the Elf Saga ending with the races being friends it’s not like the Elves have any particular loyalty to the Clover Kingdom. I could see them having gone back to where their homeland was, or to the neutral area between kingdoms. We may finally know what happened to the rest of the Heart Kingdom now.

If we stick with the Clover Kingdom, we may see the formation of this group Nacht requires being decided. We already have a good idea of who; the six stated to have the potential to defeat a Devil, several captains and members of the Black Bulls and Golden Dawn. But just how they may be picked is still hard to say so it’ll be interesting to see how Nacht goes about his selection process. The other captains will have plenty to say I’m sure, and I’m interested to see what Julius has to say about all of this.

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Black Clover Chapter 265 Release date:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Chapter 265 should be available on 20 September 2020 and Black clover 265 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 264 can be found here. don’t forget to check our latest posts: One Piece 991 & Chainsaw man 65

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