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dEy up guys. In a continuation of trying to get through as many albums I’d meant to listen to for years today’s listening is Limp Bizkit; 3 Dollar Bill Y’all, Significant Other and The Unquestionable Truth pt.1. They’re all good but can they put something new out again, Endless Slaughter was an absolute banger and they’ve been working on new music for years, we all need new tunes in this time. Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 268 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 267 Discussion:

So we see the Anti-Magic Devil’s full face now and it looks basically like a more evil Asta, whom says he’d been meaning to say this for a while; Thank You. Nacht and the Devil look about as confused as we all feel, but Asta then explains how it’s thanks to the Devil’s magic that he’s been able to do everything he could and get to the level he could, so cheers for that essentially.

black clover 268

AMDevil laughs at this and replies he’ll kill Asta now, which Asta retorts he can’t allow that. He then also mentions how the AMDevil mocked him for being short yet he’s even smaller. Someone get AMDevil some water for that burn jesus christ.

Almost in retort for the insult AMDevil then uses the Grimoire to summon the Demon Slayer (no not that one) and attacks Asta with it, knocking him about and threatening to take all of Asta’s body this time. Nacht then restates to Asta he must defeat the AMDevil or he will become a grotesque monster. He then continues that all the bones and skeletons in the altar are from those who failed this ritual and if Asta fails too he will join them. We then see an image of hooded figures over……Demons? Humanoids with animal heads and wings, seems rather Demonic though nothing is stated as such.

Asta then realises this is Forbidden Magic and asks if they’re actually allowed to be doing this. Nacht reminds him he chose to do this and as he has two days he has no other way to get stronger. After dodging another attack from AMDevil Nacht asks him what he is playing at, to which Asta replies that the Devil isn’t trying to actually kill him, which he can tell from his Ki. The Devil looks confused but also like Asta may be onto something, as does Nacht who says this can’t be possible as there is no such thing as a Devil with principles.

The Devil agrees claiming all Demons are scumbags, but Asta replies that just because he’s a Devil doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, at which point AMDevil seems to have a flashback to a woman who looks very similar to Asta, saying a very similar thing to Asta too. How mysterious…….

Alright calling it now that’s Asta’s mum. It seems almost too obvious. This was a surprisingly hilarious chapter with Asta’s statement in the beginning delivered in such a ridiculous (And very Asta) way. The way AMDevil was both annoyed and gleeful was fun. The Demon Ritual panel makes me think either there was some Demonic Cult that used to use this Altar, or perhaps the opposite; Exorcists. Medieval Rin Okumura popping up when amirite? I never felt the AMDevil was ever truly “Pure Evil” and there were more shades of grey to the guy, and this further cements my thinking.

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Black Clover Chapter 267 Spoilers & Predictions:

Calling it now next week will be a flashback explaining more about who and what Anti-Magic Devil is, and what his connection to this woman I’m thinking is Asta’s mum will be explored more. I don’t think it’ll be the end of the fight between him and Asta, but it may take a back seat for more of the backstory to take place. I could see more explanation on just what the Altar/Dungeon is. Just what the Devil Binding Ritual exactly entails may also be delved into further too.

I don’t think Asta will immediately win over the AMDevil but he may be able to talk to it more. Perhaps we will finally learn it’s actual name now? I’ve seen some think he is actually Asta’s father, but I hope not. I can see why given how he looks identical to Asta but given the Witch Queen stated previously that Asta is 100% pure human and I feel it’ll stay that way. It could be that the Devil was friends with Asta’s parents and is maybe even meant to be some kind of guardian over Asta.

Black Clover Chapter 268 Release date:

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