Read Chainsaw Man 89 Spoilers, Chainsaw Man chapter 89 Raw

What’s up guys? So Chainsaw dropped another chapter this with Makima continuing to battle Chainsaw man. Looks like we will see the climax of the fight in Chainsaw man 89. Read on to find out what happened this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 89 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

Chainsaw Man chapter 88 Discussion:

This week we see Chainsaw man about to attack Makima and finish her off. But he has to face off against the Weapons Devils who were previously thought to be dead. Chainsaw man is relentlessly attacked by the Weapons devils on Makima’s orders with them attacking Chainsaw man in synch and plan to kill him by throwing him out of earth and into space where he would not be able to breathe and would meet his end.

As a result of an intense battle, Chainsaw man is thrown into space where he removes his heart and throws it back onto Earth where he regenerates himself from the heart. This is a nice call-back to Fujimoto’s previous work Fire Punch where the protagonist regenerated himself by cutting off his head and regenerating from it after he was hurled off into space. Chainsaw man then proceeds to attack the weapons devils and Makima and wraps them in chains.

chainsaw man 89

The chapter ends with Makima and the weapons devils being wrapped up in Chains and getting dismembered by Chainsaw man. The important fact to be noted here is that, Makima looked more than happy to be cut down by Chainsaw man. We don’t know if the weapons devils will revive again but we do know that Makima cannot be killed by anyone as the damage inflicted on her will be deflected to a Japanese citizen due to her contract with the Prime Minister.

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Another fact to be noted is that Chainsaw man uses his heart to regenerate which could mean that the heart is his weakness and destroying it maybe the secret to defeat the seemingly invincible Chainsaw man.

CHAINSAW MAN 89 Spoilers & Predictions:

We see Makima and the other devils getting ripped apart by Chainsaw man towards the end of this chapter but he hasn’t necessarily eaten them up which could mean that they haven’t likely died and will return in Chainsaw man 89. This is the nth time that Makima gets ripped apart and will be coming back.

While this might seem annoying and it does make it look like the story is not going anywhere when all we get in a single chapter is a bunch if revivable characters getting cut up again and again, Makima does deserve a really good death if she does get killed by Chainsaw man. We still don’t know if Denji is alive inside there somewhere and it’s also confusing as to what will happen if Makima loses to Chainsaw man. Will he go on killing random people? What happens after all of Denji’s desires are fulfilled? Here’s hoping that we get the answers to all this soon!

CHAINSAW MAN 89 Release date:

Chainsaw man 89 will release on October 16th! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 89? Will Makima finally die? What has happened to Denji? Is he there somewhere? What direction is the manga going in? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 288 & Black clover 268

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