Black Clover 247 Spoilers, Black Clover chapter 247 Raw and discussion

Ey up guys, Here we go again to discuss Black clover chapter 247 Spoilers Raw scan release date are given below. Please be aware that the post contains some spoilers about the recent chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 246 Discussion:

So the first page is Asta’s devil, who seems very angry. Perhaps it’s just Asta’s own rage internalized, but somehow I feel it’s not. If anything it comes off as the AMevil (Anti-Magic Devil) is personally mad about being beaten the way they were. Which would be interesting if this was some further sliver of his personality, as we still know so little about what Amevil really is. Dante seems a strange mix of wrathful and gleeful, instantly healing the slash he took from Yami’s katana. He then reveals how evil he truly is; he killed a dog. Forget everything else, I don’t care I hope this guys dies painfully for that alone. But back to the story, he proceeds to monologue about what he wants with Yami; to use his Dark Magic and Vangeance’s World Tree Magic to open a portal to the Underworld. This link is called the Tree of Qlipoth, and appears to link both worlds and seemingly every other possible world out there. Doing so would unleash Devils upon this world. It seems maybe Dante wants a good fight and perhaps he feels this is the way to do so? Though I feel if this is the case, it’s not the whole story, that there’s more to this than just that.

The final few pages of the chapter jump over to the Spade Kingdom. Some Dark Disciples (subordinates) discussing the rumors of a Clover Kingdom spy amongst them. This is confirmed next page when we see this spy, and that they are in fact a Black Bulls member. They then take out cannon fodder I mean, a Dark Disciple with what may be Shadow magic? Or perhaps some form of Spatial, although I doubt this as there’s no need for a second Spatial Magic-user in the Black Bulls and there’s no way this could be Finral he’s already with the Bulls.

This was fun, a more info-dump chapter than action orientated. Not that that’s a bad thing, seeing as the info dropped was plenty to chew over this time

Black Clover 247

Black Clover Chapter 247 Predictions

It’s hard to guess where this is next going to go in black clover chapter 247. Either the Yami and Dante fight will continue with one starting to really overpower the other, or we will see more of this new member. If so, I think Dante will start to get the upper hand, but not until about halfway to 3/4 of the way through the chapter. He’ll likely pull a “This wasn’t even my full power! Now I shall utilize it mwahahaha!” And the rest of the Bulls will look on with sufficiently scared expressions.

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But we may get some more on this newest member. Who is it? The Vice-Captain is the likely guess. We know there is one, we’ve just yet to see them. So this would explain where they’ve been all this time and why they weren’t around to help out with everything that has gone down so far. A lot of people have thought the VC was a woman, and although they are called a “he” here there is no reason to believe it is a man. For starters, we don’t see their face, and neither did this Disciple who may have just assumed their gender (yes, I really did say that……..give me a break it’s a legitimate way to use that phrase OK). Whoever they are this is a whole new major character so this should be interesting.

We may get some more info on the Tree of Qlipoth. We may get some hints to the other potential realms amongst the Tree, as it seems very much like Yggdrasil of Norse mythos and there’s clearly not just the two Realms on this tree. Whatever it is, things are only going to get more interesting from here on out.

Black Clover 247 Raw and where to read online:

The series is featured on MangaPlus and Black Clover chapter 247 should be available on 12 April 2020, Black clover 247 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 246 can be found here. until that date check our latest posts kingdom chapter 638

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