One Piece Chapter 977 Spoilers: Kaido’s son revealed, the Flying Six and Law’s plan

One Piece chapter 977 has yet to be officially released but there have been leaks of the content from the upcoming chapter. According to a post on Reddit the upcoming chapter covers some new information and introduces some new characters.

Kaido’s son

It is revealed that Kaido has a son who is currently not present at the banquet, he wants to introduce this son of his to Big Mom during this banquet. There’s also a brief mention of Big Mom changing into a kimono so that might be a sight to see in the upcoming chapters.

During this there is a mention that the “Flying Six” have arrived on the island.

Jinbei’s celebration

The Straw hats look for a sake barrel to make a toast to celebrate Jinbei joining The Straw Hats and to start a party to celebrate Jinbei joining the crew however Luffy insists that they should hold a party only after they defeat the Yonkou.

The plan

Denjiro/Kyoshiro inquires Kinemon about their plan for the raid on Onigashima, during this conversation, Kinemon notes that the Straw Hat crew have already departed followed by an explosion going off in the distance. Kinemon then becomes concerned about the Straw Hats as he has forgotten to warn them that the Tori gate at the entrance to Onigashima is dangerous, however when they arrive there he is shocked to discover that all the gate keepers have been defeated.

Law is seen stating that regardless of whatever strategy they try to come up with that there are idiots that will try to embark on Onigashima from the front gates and that there will be approximately two of them, this is likely a reference to Kidd and Luffy. He then follows it up by stating that they will work well as a diversion and as such as planned, everyone . .. (before being cut off)

[Updated]The chapter is still being translated. . .

The chapter is currently still in the process of being translated and further information will be released in the coming hours.[Updates] The chapter is out and can be found Here. Kimetsu no yaiba 202 and My hero academia 264 spoilers are released and soon will be available in the website.

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