Black Clover 278 Spoilers, Raw and release date

Ey up guys. Feels like it’s been forever since the last chapter although it’s only been two weeks. Here’s hoping this time next year it’ll all have been back to normal for a while already at least. Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 278 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 277 Discussion:

So we first get a colour page of the Black Bull girls in traditional Japanese clothing which looks great. It does make me wonder how small Charmy actually is cos “silly Charmy” seems to be tiny but normal Charmy typically appears to be regular sized. It’s hard to tell cos we see normal Charmy so rarely. So the actual chapter begins with Zenon having just been blasted back from Yuno’s attack, as he condemns Zenon for messing with the Golden Dawn. Langris then contemplates how they’re winning and can rescue Captain Vangeance next. Langris, I knew you were an asshole but jesus did you have to jinx the entire thing like that. We get a panel of Vangeance, who appears to be in some kind of coffin.

We then jump over to Vanica, who’s on her throne as Rill and Charlotte arrive to face her. Vanica however is not interested as neither is Noelle and thus sets her new Disciples on them. Said Disciples are in fact two of the Diamond Kingdom’s Shining Generals, the elite of Diamond’s military, basically equivalent to the Magic Knight Captains (theoretically, my guess is they rank similarly in their respective rankings of command). It’s hard to tell if these guys are dead or not, as they don’t look exactly all there. Vanica says they were modified by Morris and given an additional power boost through her (Megicula’s) Curse power. As these generals launch their attacks, Rill and Charlotte respond accordingly. Rill unleashes a giant spell, Paint Magic: Groundswell of Su Telon, Siren’s Game. Just what Su Telon is I don’t know, nothing turned up on a quick google search. It appears to be a huge tidal wave filled with Mermaids/Mermen. Vanica however doesn’t seem too invested at their display of abilities and notes she’d rather have fought the anti-magic kid and dark magic guy who took out Dante. Gee wonder who she could be talking about………she then remarks if Zenon took him out perhaps he wasn’t worth much anyway.

All the while Charlotte is looking ready to bitchslap her through the wall. Charlotte reflects on how the past few months she trained to harness the Heart Kingdom’s Rune magic whilst retaining her duties as a captain. She reflects further how she thought she had taken control of the curse placed on her/the Roselei family but it turned out she hadn’t, that the curse still restricted how much of her power she could utilise. Thanks to the Rune Magic however she found a way to use the curse to her advantage. She then continues that Dorothy had informed her that Megicula, the FATHER of Curses was to blame. We’ll get back to that later, but for now we see her use a Rune Circle which creates a spell, Mana Method Modified Briar Magic: Blue Rose Paradise. This spell envelops the entire room in Briars and can absorb a curse’s magic which in turn makes this spell/Charlotte’s Briar Magic stronger too. At this point not only is Vanica interested but Megicula speaks up in surprise that Charlotte managed to make the Curse work for her. As they observe Charlotte then unleashes True Briar Magic: Queen of Briars. With this she knocks the Generals aside with her Briar Whip as the form that comes with this spell is revealed; a Crown and Dress of Briars made of both the Blue and Red Roses. I can’t remember if it was stated previously that the Blue Roses were a result of the Curse and the Red Roses are her true/original magic but yeah that’s a thing.

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She swears to save Yami, Rill realises (with perhaps a touch of terror) that Charlotte was able to become Captain level with only a smidgen of her true power and Vanica/Megicula prepare to launch a counterattack but before they can even do that Charlotte restrains them in their throne. She says she will not fight them, and the more they resist the tighter the Briars will bind them. Megicula is still shocked how Charlotte was able to use the Curse for herself whilst Vanica keeps demanding to fight. As the Briars completely ensnare them, Charlotte retorts her punishment to them (Vanica mostly) is to die without getting their wish. Ouch, that’s gotta sting…………yes pun very much intended.

So…….Megicula is a dude? Didn’t expect that, but it’s a nice surprise nonetheless it’s so typical for the women in shonen to only get to fight other women. I wonder if Zenon’s Devil is a man or woman, seeing as we still know nothing of it beyond it’s magic attribute. It was an interesting way to see Charlotte get more powerful, not so much completely break free of the curse but managed to use it in a way that benefited her. Side note it took me way too long to realise Charlotte’s whole origin was Sleeping Beauty. Also Rill didn’t get as much to do this time beside be scared of Charlotte but I love his new haircut it suits him. Also it’s insane he can produce such a massive painting/spell from just one swish. It’s nice to see the Shining Generals used this way, at least they get to do something still even if it’s just for cannon fodder.

Black Clover Chapter 278 Spoilers & Predictions:

Seeing as the other Shining Generals are being used as mindless drones, this got me thinking……….what if Mars is amongst them? We never saw him among the bodies of the defeated Generals when the Bulls were observing Zenon wipe them out. It would make sense as it’d be a good way to get another emotional fight for Asta if he has to fight a mind-controlled Mars. Although I could see it being Mars instead leading a rebellion to save the Spade-occupied sections of Diamond territory.

The way Charlotte worked around her curse also leaves room for her to develop later on. When the Devils/Megicula is defeated she’ll likely be truly free of the curse and able to tap into her full power. This would likely be purely Red Rose Briars. Bring it on I say she’s always been a great character and a fun take on the Tsundere archetype.

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I think Vanica/Megicula will eventually break out but I’m not sure if it’ll be next chapter. Although if it is, Rill may get more room to shine as this chapter was so focused on Charlotte. I feel we’re more likely to jump over to Nacht and Jack versus Dante or one of the trio facing underlings/cannon fodder (Fuegoleon, Nozel and Dorothy). Maybe Jack will show a new spell/form and Nacht will utilise one of the other Devils forms/magic attributes. Whenever Fuegoleon gets his turn I feel it’s almost a certainty he’ll have gained a Spirit Spell of some form, be it Spirit Dive or something unique to the Fire Spirit. Seeing how powerful Mereoleona was and how Fuego wants to keep up with her chances are it’ll be impressive.

We got a panel of William and Yami in their coffin things. I’m guessing we’ll get an explanation on how they work soon enough, maybe when Dante is fighting Nacht and Jack. They don’t seem to have started yet but the tendrils seemed almost…….alive?

Or who knows maybe this time we’ll go over to the Black Bulls or Noelle and the Elves……….if I keep saying it it’s gonna come true eventually…………

Black Clover Chapter 278 Release date:

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