Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 135 Spoilers and Raw scans Release date

What’s up guys? This week sees a major revelation occur in Jujutsu Kaisen as the identity of the fake Getou is revealed. We also get more idea about Yuji’s cursed technique which involves making everyone his brothers! And the Kyoto school finally arrives at the scene! Read in to find out what happens in this interesting new chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen and what might happen in Jujutsu Kaisen 135 next week. Do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid getting spoiled by this post!!

Jujutsu Kaisen this week begins with Yuji and Fake Getou having a face off and Getou eating Mahito. He explains to Yuji that eating Mahito will help him absorb and use his cursed techniques. Yuji prepares to get attacked by Geto when the Kyoto school finally makes their appearance and relentlessly attack Getou. Getou uses Uzumaki on Miwa who’s in close combat with him but Kukusabe interferes. Panda is also seen aiding Yuji who looks relieved to see him. All the sorcerers gather together and prepare to counter Getou’s attacks as Choso barges into the fight.

We see Choso barging in and screaming at Getou to leave Yuji alone as Yuji is his brother. Now this is very clearly Yuji’s technique working just like how it worked on Todo when he attacked Yuji making him develop brotherly affection for Yuji. The same thing has happened with Choso who now thinks that Yuji is his younger brother.

We still don’t know what kind of technique is being used by Yuji but it looks like it’s similar to the skill that shonen protagonists have which turn their enemies into their nakama. Yuji probably got this technique because of his grandfather’s last wish by which he basically wanted Yuji to be surrounded by a lot of loved ones when he dies. The most shocking moment in this chapter comes from Choso when he recognises the Brain that took over Getou as none other than the blot of the third sorcerer clan, the Kamos: Noritoshi Kamo, the most evil sorcerer in Jujutsu history.

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For those of you who forgot who he is, he was the guy who is the creator of Choso and his fellow curse brothers. Kamo basically created the curses by causing a cursed spirit to impregnate a human woman and mixing his blood in the process. So Choso is angry at him and we also see a flashback image of Kamo who had similar incisions on his head like Getou now does meaning that he himself was possessed by this Brain figure. The fact that villain is a Kamo obviously doesn’t go well with Nishimiya Kamo. The chapter ends with Choso angrily attacking Kamo and Uruame, Sukuna’s ally appearing and blocking the attack!

JUJUTSU KAISEN 135 Spoilers & Analysis:

WILL CHOSO SURVIVE?? We see Uruame aid Kamo here which is surprising in a way because she is Sukuna’s ally. This could mean that the brain possessing Getou is actually a being from Sukuna’s era and not Kamo as Choso thinks. The incisions also indicate the same. As to why Uruame is aiding this guy is also a big mystery. Maybe he is a person Sukuna is interested in. Maybe he was once an ally of Sukuna. This development only makes the mystery more interesting. Choso vs Uruame would be a wonderful battle as we know little about her prowess.

Choso does have a huge death flag concerning what he is and could be beaten by Uruame and then consumed by Brain. But him being another ally of Yuji when he desperately needs allies would have been a good development.Another plot point is the whole aspect of what will happen to Yuji with Kukusabe wanting to kill him and Panda and the like not wanting that to happen. So that will be another very interesting thing the story will deal with now that Gojo is in the prison realm.

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Maybe this will be the point in the manga where Yuta Okkutsu will enter the fray and save Yuji from the elders just like Gojo did. Okkutsu is currently studying abroad and was last seen in the prequel manga where he was instrumental in defeating Getou. There are various other characters like Hakkari who’re also yet to make their appearance in the story.

JUJUTSU KAISEN 135 Raw scans release date:

Jujutsu Kaisen 135 will release on the 17th of January!! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in Jujutsu Kaisen 135? What wilk happen to Choso? Who is Brain? Why is Uruame supporting Brain? When will Yuta Okkutsu come back to Tokyo? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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  1. Chapter 134 was insane!!! actually this whole arc is crazy?
    ‘Cause so many characters’s state like Maki and Kugisaki is unknown.. and a lot of people died too.. I mean Nanami is gone now and it’s seems like Kugisaki is about to die and my heart wont stand that?


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