Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 297 Spoilers, Bnha 297 Raw scans

Well, this chapter is a hardhitting one, often times we see massive city levelling fights and then the heroes go off into the sunset a job well done, but not this time, not this story.

My Hero Academia 296 Discussion:

Shigi predictably manages to get away with some of his team, using the Nomus to randomly attack the heroes as too disturb and distract them whilst shigi does whatever he does to make his escape. However only his inner circle seemed to have escaped, as the Liberation front were apprehended, meaning Shigi is basically back to square one, minus a couple from his original League lineup. How he plans to rebuild is anyones guess, but for now there will be laying low and gathering strength for him for the foreseeable future.

We also get confirmation that Toga has escaped, before then turning back towards the completely demolished city, the sheer scale of the damage and the victims from all the damage as well. Seemingly the entire city was not evacuated in time as we see with an example of a young boy trapped under the rubble and his younger sister desperately trying to assist, however in this environment which is similar to an earthquake disaster zone, the area is very much a giant hazard zone, and as rubble tumbles seemingly about to crush the young girl Uraka and froppy arrive to save them. Uraka is seen to be racing around trying to save as many citizens as she can, but the sheer size of the damage is intimidating, as a nameless hero who in shock proclaims “I need a new line of work”.

At this point Uraka finally takes a step back and the reality of the damage dawns on her, and she probably herself will go into shock if not already.

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The chapter goes on, the worst part of the battle now fully on show with the shocking revelation that Midnight fell, the last time we saw her was when she was getting ganged up on by some random goons after she was injured falling from her attempt to bring Giga down, but those injuries plus the attack on her were too much and she sadly perished alongside other heroes.

After this we see the general publics opinions, it seems Dabi really did get his wish, the people slowly turning on Endeavour will be a bitter pill to swallow, as quickly as the number 1 status he so long sought for was handed to him, it was snatched away just as suddenly, surely ending his journey as a hero at this point. Without the public backing him, and the shame he must feel himself, it would be apt for him to bow out now and let a new generation truly form, and he can take this time to really settle things with his family.

The most chilling part of the story now, back for All For One, he’s ready to unleash his terror once again, this time his plot if simple, the remaining Nomus will launch a prison break and get All For Ones real body out of prison. With the heroes exhausted, this is the most opportune moment for something of this scale as hardly anyone of worth will be around to stop the advanced Nomus.

My Hero Academia chapter 297: Aftermath of the battle

Well we’re really in the aftermath of the biggest battle this series has seen, the students being at the centre of the battle, it’s the first time they’ve experienced such an intense battle, and then they have to see what happens after as well, surely that would induce severe PTSD into some of them. Couple that with the loss of Midnight and other such mentor figures will be depression inducing, who knows maybe some of the students might not wish to continue in this line of work.

I am going to predict that Gran Torino might not make it either, seeing as Horishiki is fine with killing off his characters now, this could possibly be a good time for an arc concentrating not just on action but the students feelings and emotions, how they process such an event and how they learn to move onwards from it. What happens in the new arc is anyones guess, but it seems as the students recuperate AFO is going full steam ahead with his own plans, so will the students even get a rest? If they learn that AFO has managed to break free, how they will react to it?

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Whatever comes next seems to be a coming of age arc, where everyone grows up and starts to think hard of what they want to become and who they want really be as a person. Its a tough life, not all glamour, Stain was wrong, the heroes really put their lives on the line here and many perished because of it, when the time came, the heroes were there and they gave everything to save as many as possible.

My Hero Academia chapter 297 release

The next chapter of MHA will be released on the 17th January, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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