My Hero Academia Chapter 265 Spoilers, Raw scans Read online?

Hey Guys! We are going to discuss Chapter 265 of My Hero Academia in this post. This post will contain heavy spoilers so please stop reading now if you hate spoilers!

My Hero Academia Chapter 265 Recap (spoilers) :

What My Hero Academia does best among other things is give it’s side characters some good moments to shine. The trend continues from the previous chapters with Mudman and Shemage from 1-B finally getting their moments. Heroes like Midnight and Kamui woods are seen doing their jobs. It was actually good to see Midnight out of her usual teacher garb and engage in actual combat. But the hero who stood out for me this chapter was Edgeshot, the Ninja hero who takes out a group of villains including the Ampivolt guy with extreme ease by punching small holes in their lungs. This was a terrifying yet a very intelligent attack. Edgeshot just proved why he was chosen to lead the mansion raid.

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 265

Last chapter ended on a cliff-hanger. Twice was in a cage of feathers with Hawks looming over him. The eventful second half of the chapter continues that plot line with Hawks trying to convince Twice to surrender and start his life afresh. Now,Twice is a very complex character. He’s a good friend. A villain but a good person. And we get to know that he was feeling responsible for Magne’s death the whole time. Hawks’ betrayal mixed with his own feelings of guilt only pushes him over the edge as he snaps and unleashes Sad man’s parade despite Hawks’ warning as a concerned Hawks looks on. The final panel is of a menacing-looking Dabi going to where Hawks and Twice are, having recognized his betrayal.

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 265 PREDICTIONS :

Chapter 265 is bound to be exciting. Dabi vs Hawks is a given and it’ll probably occur in the coming couple of chapters. Dabi attacking Hawks could also result in Twice escaping and Hawks ending up in a very bad situation. Right now, it looks like everything is going well for the heroes. But will it continue when Redestro, who’s now aware of the raid and hence pissed off, enters the fray? We also haven’t seen the likes of Spinner and Gigantomachia anywhere around.

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The main members of LoV like Toga and Compress and PLF members like Geten, Skeptic, Trumpet etc have also not yet appeared in battle. Considering all this, the fight at the PLF mansion is far from over. I would say that it hasn’t even really begun. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if we shift to the Evacuation team for a few chapters and get a glimpse of what’s happening there or to the hospital where the last thing we saw was Mirko and Crust fighting off High Ends. The possibilities are endless for what could happen in the next few chapters. We could easily get a Toya Todoroki reveal or a major character death or a traitor reveal. We could get a prison break subplot or even the appearance of some unlikely allies or even the nomus attacking civilians. We could see Shigaraki wake up. This unpredictability is what makes this arc the most exciting arc MHA has ever had. don’t forget to read our latest posts: black clover 244 & one piece 975 & kny 199

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 265 Release date and where to read online :

The next chapter is bound to be exciting and it will be released on March 22. Meanwhile, you can read bnha ch 264 Here. So what do you guys think about Chapter 264 of My hero Academia and what do you think will happen in Chapter 265? Will Hawks be able to deal with Dabi and Twice alone? Where are Gigantomachia and Spinner? Will the heroes be able to defeat the PLF? Will the Touya Todoroki reveal happen soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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