That Girl Is Not Just Cute Chapter 59-58 Spoilers, Discussion, and Release date

Cute guys and cool girls, get ready to overload on on the sweet change of pace that is “That Girl Isn’t Just Cute”, Ch. 58 just dropped and we’re here to discuss it down below.

That Girl Is Not Just Cute Chapter 58 Discussion (Spoilers) :

We’ve just finished off a hair raising and nail-biting School Sports Festival arc where our main cast was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and now we’re settling back into the nice, comfortable pace of our school-life RomCom. Just in time too, as its about the time of year where our students are now changing seat order again. To Izumi’s apparent fortune, his cute girlfriend (who is not just cute), Shikimori, was moved to the seat directly behind him. For those who don’t know, its common in Japan to draw lots for assigning things at random like class seats. In classic manga/anime trope fashion she is in the back corner next to the window, which allows not just for pretty backgrounds but also for the two of them to engage in some flirting.

That Girl Is Not Just Cute Chapter 59-58
She’s so cool!

At first this flirting starts out as the innocent, yet highly despised by highschool teachers, act of passing notes to one another. As we can see via wide shots of the classroom many sleeping students and a language teacher too wrapped up in his lesson to notice these two lovebirds passing just the cutest notes to each other. Its just enough to give the reader diabetes. After a few backs and fourths, Shikimori decides to up the stakes by trying to write something on his back. Izumi, the pure maiden that he is, gets pretty embarrassed by this skinship, giving us some amazing blush scenes for our male MC. Unfortunately everyone, our boy can’t seem to understand what she is writing, but she does pull him back to tell him his ears are red, and that she found out his back his his weakness (are we Fechippuru now?). She says keep going till he figures out what she is spelling. We are treated to the most delightfully cute blush from Izumi, and a mischievous hansom grin from Shikimori in the last 2 pages. Turns out the teasing won’t stop for Izumi, much to his misfortune!

That Girl Is Not Just Cute Chapter 59 Predictions :

I predict, as I gaze into my crystal ball, we will shift to see what the friend group is doing during this seat change, as we do still have a wide set of supporting characters who also had a seat change. The pace of this manga for the next few chapter I feel will be mainly filler, fluff and setup for the next arc. The next arc will likely be exams/Holidays, as the sports festival took place in/after October (as per chapter 46). What the Holidays and Exams will bring for our couple we have no idea, but one thing is for certain we will get plenty of heart-skipping moments.

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That Girl Is Not Just Cute Chapter. 59 Release date and where to read online :

That Girl Is Not Just Cute is released fairly regularly by Fire Syndicate on Mangadex and can be found here. So, what did you think about Chapter 58? What do you think will happen next? What in the world was Shikimori trying to write? I want to hear your thoughts on it, comment below.

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