Seven Deadly Sins chapter 341 Release date spoilers and predictions

Hello everyone, Today we’ll be discussing Seven Deadly Sins 341. Release Date, Spoilers, and predictions are given below. if you don’t like spoilers feel free to leave the page. Otherwise, keep reading and let us know what you think in the comments.

In the previous chapter, the seven deadly sins got separated (intentionally) from Merlin and Arthurs. while Meliodas and his staff were sent to Camelot kingdom, Arthur and Merlin stayed in a Chaotic building created by Arthur.
i would like to introduce some possible predictions for Chapter 341 :

Seven Deadly Sins 341

Arthur’s future?

Arthur is very unstable at the moment. It is no wonder that the power of chaos can run away at any time.

Arthur had once been awakened for a moment before, and the aggravation at that time was so dangerous that it could not be described in words.

Even though Arthur’s optimistic view of creating a hopeful future where everyone can live peacefully and happily is clearly shown in the manga, there is a possibility of him becoming the real enemy.

Meriodas himself has shown his concern that Arthur may be swamped by chaos and therefore become a powerful evil. 

At this time, Arthur’s move in the next chapter will greatly change the future. 

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Last trip looking for Merlin?

Episode 339 ended with Merlin saying goodbye to Meriodas and rejecting the 7deadly sins. However, this was Merlin’s one-way farewell.

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 341
From Chapter 940

She disappeared magically and walked away without even hearing Elizabeth’s story to the end.
One of the many points Chapter 341 can cover is whether the story of 7 deadly sins will progress in the absence of Merlin or not.
She had such an important role in the seven deadly sins, considered the greatest magician in all of Britannia.

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A possible theory is that Elizabeth will take the initiative to persuade everyone and take action to bring back Merlin.
At Elizabeth’s request, Meriodas wouldn’t say no, and I would expect that Meriodas, a fellow-minded friend, wouldn’t let her go.
Then it might be a new journey to find Merlin in the future.

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How to deal with Cath

Cath was once cut in half by Arthur and defeated, but he knew he was coming back because he was so greedy and a true wild monster. However, it was unexpected to grow that much.

Arthur is in a state of instability right now, so he might not fight very well. Still, I feel is the right one who should defeat him.

in the other hand, It’s a bit early for the 7 deadly sins to rush to Merlin. Given this, will Merlin be able to beat Cath?

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 341
From chapter 940

How will Merlin fight against the power-up Cath go?

Seven Deadly Sins 341 Release date and where to read online :

Seven Deadly Sins 341 is scheduled to be released on the 10th Feb. Confirmed spoilers and scans may be out one day before. you can read chapter 941 once it released here. (the link will be updated as well as the scans and the spoilers, stay tuned.)

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