One Piece chapter 1000 Spoilers, Raw scans and release date

What’s up guys? One Piece came out with another revelatory chapter this week as One Piece 1000 inches closer! We finally get the reveal of what Kaido’s Zoan fruit is as Zoro and Marco head for the dome top where two Yonkos wait for them! Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 1000 next week but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid getting spoiled by this post !!

One Piece 999 Discussion:

One Piece finally bids farewell to it’s three digit chapters as it moves onto the 1000th chapter next week. This week we see flashbacks of Ace and Yamato fighting as Ace had come to Wano to face off against Kaido who is absent.Ace understands that Yamato is basically stuck on the island and then they both damage Kaido’s Dragon statue together. They stall their fight and bond over sake as Yamato expresses her desire to leave Wano and travel the world.

Ace agrees and shares tales about youngsters like Kid , Law and Bege making their names out in the sea. But he also stresses that the toughest one, Luffy is yet to set sail. Yamato narrates this tale to Momo and Shinobu who are intially very shocked at the fact that Yamato is Kaido’s kid and even more weirded out when she says that she is Oden. But they still accept her as an ally. Yamato also reveals to a shocked Momo that Ace was Roger’s son and that Luffy was his brother.

Yamato also states that it’s fate that Momo brought Luffy to Wano and also notes the presence of D in his name. Nami and Tama also share a similar conversation about Ace being Luffy’s brother. On the Performance Floor, Marco turns into his phoenix form and clutches Zoro flies to the top of the dome evading both the transformed forms of King and Queen while stating the fact that Quren shouldn’t really bet on Kaido winning because this is the new generation he’s facing now.

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We also get another flashback of Ace talking to Whitebeard about going to Wano and wanting to set sail alone to which Whitebeard reacts by giving him a good beating. Whitebeard states that he learnt of Oden’s passing only years later and that they want to avoid needless bloodshed now.He also tells Ace that he’s too arrogant to think that he could beat someone Oden couldn’t. Marco and Izu then ask Ace to count them in if he ever decides to go to Wano with Whitebeard’s permission. Atop the dome, we see Kaido and Big Mom chatting as Zeus and Prometheus recharge themselves.

Big Mom asks Kaido about where he’s planning to drop the island at and Kaido replies that he wants to drop it on Onigashima atop Oden’s castle. Big Mom asks Kaido to spare Robin when he kills the other Straw Hats as she doesn’t want to wait for Pudding’s third eye to open. She also enquires about the location of the Road Poneglyph to which Kaido responds rather negatively. Big Mom then reminds him that he owes her the debt of a lifetime for giving him his Zoan Fruit, the Uo Uo no Mi. Kaido tells her to reserve all such talk for when they acquire the One Piece![11:02 PM]

ONE PIECE 1000 Spoilers & Analysis:

Kaido’s fruit is revealed to be the Uo Uo no Mi which could indicate that his evolution into a dragon followed the Japanese tale of a koi fish evolving into one after climbing a waterfall. Kaido and Big Mom are waiting at the top of the dome. This means that the samurais are all defeated and many could even be dead. Luffy and Jinbe are making their way to the top but it looks like Zoro might reach their first with Marco flying him there. One Piece 1000 is like a landmark chapter for the manga and we can surely expect something truly surprising awaiting us.

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It could be another cliffhanger or a big revelation or even all the major players finally coming together to face the two Yonkos. It will be interesting to see how the story moves forward especially with the added danger of Big Mom. A surprise could be the arrival of another party as two Yonkos gathering at a single place does create an imbalance of power! Another interesting possibility that arose this chapter is that of Yamato joining the Straw Hat crew in the future with her talks of wanting to sail the seas!

ONE PIECE 1000 Raw Scans Release date:

One Piece 1000 will release on the 3rd of January!! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 1000? What surprise can we expect? How will the alliance beat two Yonkos? What happened to the Scabbards? How will the final battle play out? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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