Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 298 Spoilers, Bnha 298 Raw scans

Todays chapter kicks off a completely new arc, this time we get to see the much feared Tartarus, the max security island prison for the most heinous villains. Stored inside, the crown jewel of all villains is of course All For One.

My Hero Academia 296 Discussion:

The story is simple, AFO is here for a prison break, the league needs villains to replenish their stock from the catastrophic losses they suffered in the previous battle, and Tartarus is a storage room full of goodies. And of course, AFO is here for himself, springing out for whatever is next in his grand plan of evil.

Outside the prison, AFO in Shigis body begins his siege, with the security forces on the upper levels of the prison, whilst inside, they are so far unaware of the ongoing battle. Giga is heading to the deepest part of the prison, with the guards musing about how they were unable to kill him, Giga being a human originally mean he’s protected by human rights and therefore could not be executed, even though it might well be the safest option. The prison guards talking however also mention that Tartarus has been subject to accusations of human rights violations, which brings to mind the idea of human experimentation.

The prison goes into maximum security mode now as the battle rages on, the villains are making their way deeper and deeper into the prison, the Nomus wrecking havoc on the prisons security system, whilst AFO is making his way towards the battle now, however control of Shigis body is not 100% under his control as Shigi has just regained consciousness, and isn’t best pleased that AFO is still using his body after all the damage is body suffered, how the hyper regeneration isn’t working quite so well yet still no rest for him, but AFO is adamant that this is the best time to strike.

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After this inner turmoil, AFO regains control and analyses the situation, using the “Search” quirk he stole, he has located his own body, which is deep underground, at the bottom of the prison, 500m below sea level.

On the inside, the prison guards realise they have been attacked by an EMP, which fries the system, and this small opportunity has allowed the inmates to fully exercise their own quirks to get free. AFO reveals that he wasn’t just going to try and break into the prison, but he’s also going to instigate a riot from inside. This will stretch the forces thin, both trying to fend off a siege and subjugate riot will no doubt be a nightmare.

As the cell doors open, we get to see some familiar faces, Muscular being the first to walk out, guns being no use against his muscle fibre manipulation quirk. We also see Moonfish, and a new addition who will greatly interest fans, a so far unidentified woman who might have been the source of the EMP wave perhaps.

The last scene of this chapter is the most horrifying one as of yet, AFO in his body strides out, finally free again, and already beginning his recruitment process, most likely every prisoner that escaped from the cell will ally themselves with AFO.

My Hero Academia chapter 298 predictions: AFO is free, how do the heroes respond?

The hero society has truly been shaken to the core, the recent battles with the villain has severely damaged the numbers, a lot of heroes have perished, injured, or simply left that line of work. The news of Tartarus being attacked and villains escaping including AFO will send shockwaves of terror around the country, especially after such a traumatic city levelling event before, this is the worst possible news for the general public, the mass panic that will spread not only through the citizens, but the hero society as well, just barely being able to hang on against Shigi, but now AFO is back in the mix, surely the heroes can not hold the villains at bay for much longer.

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As for AFO, now he’s back, every villain in the country will probably rally around him, and the villains in general will seize the opportunity to launch countless attacks whilst the heroes are too weak to defend society. A true nightmare is emerging, All Might is no longer around to save them, Endeavour is most likely finished as a hero, Deku as the inheritor of OFA isn’t mature yet, who will fill the void left, who will be the symbol of peace and justice now that AFO is back, almost unopposed, there isn’t anyone ready to face him head on, The heroes are about to drop into one of the darkest periods their society has ever been, possibly back to how life was before the hero system even existed.

My Hero Academia chapter 298 release date:

The next chapter of MHA is set to drop on the 24th January which can be read on Viz or mangaplus. that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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