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Ey up guys. Watching Gogglebox as I write this, it’s one of those shows that by all accounts I should hate and yet it’s one of the most oddly addictive shows to watch. Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 269 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 268 Discussion:

So this chapter is a backstory for the AMDevil, who’s name we find out is Liebe. His life mirrors Asta’s, he had no mana and was bullied by all the other Devils. One day one of them threw Liebe at the Gate to the Human World for fun, but as he had no music he was able to pass right through. But obviously being a Devil in the Human world isn’t the best situation, and so he was pursued by Magic Knights until he eventually collapsed from exhaustion.

But when he woke up he found himself in some random house with a strange lady who calls herself Licita. She tells him her magic allows her to place non-magic items inside other items, so some kind of Sealing magic? But not quite the same as Secre’s I think. She then talks about finding a (very familiar) Five Leaf Grimoire and comments that maybe the Fifth Leaf Devil superstition is indeed true.

Liebe is confused as to why Licita isn’t afraid of him, and she explains she has a curse that drains the magic and/or life force of anyone around her so she has had to live in isolation her entire life. She says as he has no magic he isn’t affected, and offers to let him stay there with her as they can live together.

And then we get an adorable montage of their time together. Which makes everything that’s about to happen even sadder…….Licita is telling him how glad she is to have met him as now she isn’t so lonely. But then……..Liebe starts yelping in pain, then revealing that Lucifero is trying to take over his body and is now in control.

Lucifero comments how he can use Liebe to manifest his own body into the Human World somehow but then Licita tells him to (essentially) get fucked. Lucifero initally mocks her then realises she is absorbing his magic and starts to lift Liebe’s arm to strike, and then we get possibly the most important panel; a shot of her abandoning Asta at the church. She seems to be holding back the tears at this memory and declares This time I’m not letting go.

Then…….Lucifero/Liebe slams his arm through her chest, but she declares he can’t have Liebe and manages to push Lucifero out, much to his shock. He plots to carry on finding a way to manipulate his way into the Human World again. With Lucifero gone Liebe fully realises what has happened. Licita states she will use her magic to seal Liebe inside the Grimoire as it is the only way she can think to protect him from Lucifero and that hopefully next time he has to fight he will be much stronger.

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She then in her dying breath tells him to live, and his last word to her is …..Mum. Then we see him sealed within the Grimoire. The flashbacks then ends, Liebe’s anger grows as Asta looks on in concern and confusion as Liebe screams he will kill all the devils Even if I have to take your body to do so.

Jesus. H. Soddin. Christ. That was a lot, it nearly got me. When this turns up in the anime it may full on get me welling up. What interests me is that Liebe doesn’t have any magic, which makes me wonder where the Anti-Magic aspect came from. If he was able to pass through the barrier could Asta do the same? If Licita was born with this curse I wonder if it is related to the other curses across the kingdoms or if perhaps Megicula has some hand to play in this. Baby Liebe is surprisingly adorable.

The life they led, it makes it even sadder knowing this could have been Asta if things had been different, and that she would have been a great mother to him. I wonder if her curse is why he has no mana, that she unintentionally/inadvertently drained his mana in the womb. Though honestly I kind of hope not, I prefer the idea that his lack of mana is purely 100% genetic fluke and that he never had mana to begin with, though it would make sense her curse is the cause of it. It seems obvious that the reason she left him at the church was because her curse would’ve killed him so she had no choice but to leave him.

black clover 269

Black Clover Chapter 269 Spoilers & Predictions:

I dunno if this is the end of the flashback. Thing is whilst we (the audience) have seen it but Asta still knows none of this yet. If and when he does, oh dear I both can’t wait and dread how he;s going to take that. Can we at some point have Liebe and Asta go to this house, maybe Liebe can show Asta some memories of his time here. I’m dreading that reveal, but if it does happen it should be soon, before they go into the Underworld so Asta has even more to fuel his fire when he faces down Lucifero.

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I wonder who will be more full of rage and doing more of the screaming/yelling when they do confront him, I could see both Asta and Liebe being extremely mad when they do face him. Hell maybe Asta has to try to calm Liebe down a little bit. Was Licita ever buried? Liebe couldn’t and I don’t know if anyone else knew her to do so.

Oh lord if they find her body where it was that will be even sadder. Man this could not seem anymore gloomy right now, but when (well if but come on we need to hope if nothing else) they take down Lucifero it’s going to make it an even more sweet victory.

I don’t think Asta and Liebe will have much of a fight. Like I said before Asta instead may try to talk Liebe down a bit and manage to talk it out with him, convince him they will work together to avenge Licita. Shonen protags having an inner demon to battle and come to peace with is a classic trope and always a fun one but honestly this might be one of my favourite takes on it; they always make up, but this is a nice way to do it where instead of having the protag defeat the inner demon he is able to talk it through in a way that feels genuine.

I don’t think we’ll see Asta’s dad anytime soon but this does make me wonder where he is and what happened. What if Licita accidentally killed him? Hell maybe that was how her curse awakened, when being with him then accidentally killing him? Actually that makes a lot of sense, and would be a nice (albeit) dark twist on how every Shonen protagonist has a badass OP dad, but this time it’s the mum. If not part of me wonders where he is, I could see it turning out he is just some asshole who abandoned Licita. Whatever happens I can’t wait for next week’s chapter to drop.

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Black Clover Chapter 269 Release date:

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