Read One Piece 993 Spoilers, One Piece chapter 993 Raw and Release date

What’s up guys? This week in One Piece, we see the battle against Kaido getting very interesting probably leading onto an even more interesting One Piece 993. Read on to find out what happened this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 993 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

One Piece Chapter 992 Discussion:

The chapter starts with Perospero reaching Big Mom with her telling him that she has sided with Kaido, revealing that the alliance was her idea. Perospero reminds Big Mom that their crew seeks to make her the Pirate King, but she asks him her children don’t trust her.Marco then lets Peospero know that the alliance between him and Perospero to take down Kaido is over.

Marco also indicates to Big Mom that now that Whitebeard is dead, they’re free of his will when she asks him about going against Kaido. Carrot ,meanwhile is going toward Perospero to avenge Pedro’s death. Beneath the dome, Luffy continues heading toward the roof as the samurai clear the way for him while Yamato continues to chase after Shinobu and Momonosuke.

Black Maria and some of her crewmates have hid out in the Tatami Room away from the fighting, and they ask Maria to play a song for them. As Black Maria begins to tell a tale, the Nine Red Scabbards fight Kaido on the dome roof. Kaido roars at them and the ground cracks underneath as Nekomamushi in his Sulong form and Kawamatsu attack Kaido. To Kaido’s shock, he gets wounded from both the attacks.

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The others like Inuarashi, Izo etc also attack him and all these attacks land on him to his shock. Kaido tries understand how these attacks work and wound him even though none of these attacks resemble Oden’s attacks. It’s interesting to see Kaido actually get worried about their attacks affecting him. He probably does get reminded of Oden, fighting with whom hhas always remained a traumatic experience for Kaido.

one piece 993

This is also a testament of maybe Kaido trying to come to terms with the fact that maybe he wasn’t invincible as he thought he was. Maybe he’s also started worrying about being mortal. Kaido prepares to use another Bolo Breath attack against the samurai, but Raizo then summons a giant scroll which intercepts the fire blast and absorbs all of it. Revealing that his scrolls can wrap around anything in and everything in existence, Raizo has the scroll wrap around Kaido’s entire dragon body before releasing the previously absorbed blast onto Kaido himself.

Kaido gets blasted and fire covers him, but he emerges without any visible damage. A flashback shows a time when Oden wanted to teach the Scabbards his Oden Nitoryu fighting style, but they declined. When Oden asks them why they didn’t want to learn the style, they replied that if they had, they would have fought each other to be his best disciple as they all loved him very much.

The chapter ends with Kin’emon, Denjiro, Ashura Doji, and Inuarashi each pull out two swords and stand in a stance resembling Oden’s. Kaido belittles their imitation of Oden as cheap as he prepares to use another Bolo Breath, but the four samurai then proceed toward him and then all cut him at the same spot Oden attacked and caused a scar, all those years ago.

ONE PIECE 993 Spoilers & Analysis:

This chapter was interesting in the sense that it was more Scabbard focussed rather than focussing on Luffy and his crew. We see the Scabbard actually deal damage to Kaido and hurt him and shcok him. This might have also triggered his PTSD after Oden. It is, in a way surprising that the Scabbards do use advanced Haki which is said to be very very rare. Of course we see them beating down Kaido but it doesn’t really look like their attacks might do a lot of severe damage to Kaido.

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This will be a minor win for the Scabbards until Kaido actually gets serious and starts attacking them back. Kaido appears to be in shock currently but it does look like he is going to snap out of it and mess the situation up. We might also get flashbacks of Kaido in One Piece 993. The fact that the Scabbards are able to land blows on Kaido, who’s basically the main villain of this arc, is indication of the fact that maybe tragedy is looming over the Scabbards, storywise. As said before, this looks like a minor win for the Scabbards before a big defeat at the hands of Kaido.

Perospero talking with Big Mom this chapter indicates that Big Mom will very probably betray Kaido. It will be interesting to see how that happens. There are also speculations that Kaido might get killed by Big Mom. Big Mom might wait for Kaido to get weakened due to the attacks and then kill a weakened Kaido which would make Big Mom the Yonko that Luffy might fight.

One Piece 993 Official Spoilers:

– People in the Flower Capital are enjoying the festival and are waiting for the Kozuki samurais to save Wanokuni.
– The bullets that Queen fires are called “Bingu” (or something like that).
– From what is seen in the image, Bao Huang’s power allows her to see through the eye in the paper that the cat is carrying and discovers Yamato chasing Momonosuke and Shinobu, and informs King.

– King orders Tobiroppo to take him to Momonosuke, Sasaki finds them.
– Sasaki’s subordinates shoot Shinobu but Yamato stops them.
– Kaidou gets up after the attack, says he has seen Oden’s shadow behind the Red Scabbards.
– But he says that they are not as powerful as Oden since it was impossible for him to heal from the wound he made.
– Kaidou cuts off Kiku’s arm.

One Piece chapter 993 release date:

One Piece 993 will release on 25th of October! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 993? Will the Scabbards land more blows? Will Luffy make it to the dome top? Are the Scabbards going to face a defeat? Will Big Mom kill Kaido?Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 289 & Black clover 269

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