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What’s up guys? So Chainsaw man continues to surprise us with another interesting chapter this week! Makima uses another plan as Chainsaw man begins to lose the battle. Read on to find out what happened this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 90 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

Chainsaw Man chapter 89 Discussion:

This week sees another brilliant plan by Makima go into action against Chainsaw man. The chapter begins with Kobeni dancing and scoring a perfect score on the machine as Chainsaw man watches on. Makima arrives questioning why Chainsaw man hasn’t eaten her yet even though she was killed by him, a whopping twenty six times in total. Makima then reveals her absolute genius of a plan to weaken Chainsaw and have him killed.

In front of a shocked and frightened Kobeni, Chainsaw man breaks apart as we see people all around the world adore him, thank him and basically hero worship him because of how he took down powerful Devils especially the Gun Devil which was humanity’s biggest enemy according to the public.

Fujimoto brilliantly takes on the hero trope in this chapter, puts a rather different spin on it and makes it a weakness of Chainsaw man. Chainsaw man as we know is extremely powerful because devils fear him. The general public’s reactions to him and their feelings of respect and adoration rather than fear towards him cancels out the fear that the Devils have towards him and severely weakens him.

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Makima is indicated to have planned this before hand as another tactic to take Chainsaw man down in case other tactics failed. Makima goes onto explain how she loves humans and compares them to dogs and states that she loves them and that they love her as we see a lot of people hold placards and signs indicating their love for Chainsaw man. Chainsaw man gets weakened with every proclamation of adoration and Makima mocks him by asking him how it felt to be eaten himself.

We see Chainsaw getting weakened every time somebody claims he’s a hero and Makima takes this opportunity to take him down by using Angel’s corpse to summon ethereal beings. Makima summons a being and makes it throw a spear at Kobeni which Chainsaw man instead takes to protect her.

This further weakens him as again, this became an act of heroism. The chapter ends with Makima sighing down at a defeated and dead looking Chainsaw man probably disappointed at the fact that her plan worked as easily as it did and that too, on a being she considered superior to her was finally defeated by her,as the public wields Chainsaws!

CHAINSAW MAN 90 Spoilers & Analysis:

This chapter ends with Chainsaw man looking dead. We’ll see in Chainsaw man 90 if he really is dead. From the looks of it and Makima sighing, it does seem like he’s really dead after all. What might happen after this is obviously very unpredictable as this is Fujimoto we’re talking about.Chainsaw man could very well end up in Hell as this is what happens to devils who die. He could get reincarnated in Hell and then burst out back from Hell like he previously did. It’s also unclear how Makima sees him now. If she does see him as inferior then she could control him easily.

Can she be stopped? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe Kishibe would kill the Prime Minister making the contract void and Makima killable. Maybe the other Horsemen would interfere with her plan. We don’t know. Maybe this is what the Prime Minister really wanted and all Makima truly wanted was to get eaten by Chainsaw? There is also a very interesting theory that Pochita is in a time loop and this spear caused the wound that Pochita was found with, in the beginning of the series.

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Since this is Fujimoto and considering how Fire Punch ended up, it might also be that we’ll never see Chainsaw again. Denji too. It’s unclear if we’ll ever see Denji again. Denji didn’t have his arc complete but Fujimoto is an author who doesn’t really focus on things like that. So folks, we might never see Denji again in the story. It’ll be interesting to see how the story shapes up from here on out since the main character, after whom the story is named is practically dead. Maybe Kobeni saves him somehow?

CHAINSAW MAN 90 Release date:

Chainsaw man 90 will release on the 25th of October!! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what do you think might happen in Chainsaw man 90? Is Chainsaw man dead? Is Denji gone forever? What will happen to Kobeni? Will Makima win in the end? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 289 & Black clover 269

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