Chainsaw Man 74 Spoilers, Chainsaw Man chapter 74 Raw

What’s up guys? Chainsaw man drops another death flag ridden chapter. Makima summons our main trio, Aki gets one shocking revelation after the other and it looks like our heroes will begin a new journey next week in Chainsaw man 74. Read on to find out what really happened in this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 74 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga because this post will contain spoilers!

Chainsaw Man chapter 73 Discussion:

This chapter was full of shocks for the readers but especially so for Aki. For starters, Hayakawa, Denji and Power are summoned to Makima where Aki is basically forced to be part of the Gun Devil expedition because of Makima involving the very same people Aki wanted to protect, Denji and Power, in the expedition.

Fujimoto delivers one of the most shocking moments in the series as Makima reveals that the Gun Devil has been captured to Aki’s utter shock and Denji’s confusion. Yes, the manga’s big bad is subdued with it’s body parts in different countries meaning that our heroes could be walking into a world war in Chainsaw man 74 as their mission is to retrieve the Gun Devil from the other countries. Makima indicates that the Gun Devil parts are to solidify Japan’s power but her true intentions are still unknown. It could be anything from taking the devil parts for herself to killing the Gun Devil using Denji as a puppet.

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As if this wasn’t enough, a horrified Aki receives a grisly and tragic prophecy from the Future Devil: that Denji, the very person he wanted to protect will kill him and Power. This indicates that Denji will come to eventually open the door that Pochita warned him not to open and that he promised never to. As for Aki, it’s intriguing as to what he can do about this situation. Can he prevent it even if he tries or is he trapped, unable to change anything and watch helplessly as everything crumbles down? The fact that Aki basically uses the future devil in battles to avoid attacks is notable.

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Does that mean the future can be changed? This chapter indicates that Aki probably lost his trust of Makima. Combined with the future devil’s prediction, we could easily see him abandon the mission, turn against Makima and go into hiding with Power and Denji in Chainsaw man 74. Kishibe could also aid him in this.


Chainsaw man 74 will again be a very unpredictable chapter. It’s becoming more and more probable that Aki would turn against Makima to protect his family, if not himself. It would be interesting to see what Denji and Power would do in this scenario. Fujimoto is known to keep characters essential to the plot alive and kill off the others easily so it’s safe to assume that Angel, Kishibe and maybe some of the other hunters will join the gang in their mission. The Gun Devil was always touted to be the main villain of the manga but with every chapter it’s becoming more and more evident that Makima might be the actual big bad. Makima’s devil contracts still remain a big mystery.

Chainsaw Man 74 Release date:

Catch Chains74 on the 21st of June on! and make sure to check our latest posts: One piece 983 & My hero academia 276 So what did you guys think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 74? What will Aki do now that he’s in a spot? Will he try to run away with Power and Denji in Chainsaw man 74?What are Makima’s true intentions? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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