One Piece manga 983 Spoilers, One Piece chapter 983 Raw scans

Hey One Piece fans, we’ve returned this week once again to discuss One Piece 983 Spoilers and Raw as well as the latest chapter. As usual, if you aren’t up to date with the manga series and would like to avoid spoilers feel free to stop reading now, a link will be provided for readers at the end of the page to read the manga. This discussion will cover spoilers, predictions and a source to read the latest chapter.

One Piece Chapter 982 Discussion:

One piece 982 this week starts off rather surprisingly with Black Maria choosing NOT to participate in the hunt for Yamato and preferring to party with Kaido instead suggesting not everyone in the crew is interested in rising in the ranks and are content being under Kaidou as is. Kaidou then talks about how disappointing it is the samurai, the Nine Scabbards, don’t seem to know how to get to Laugh Tale suggesting even Kaidou seeks out the treasure of One Piece.

We then see Kanjuro breaking in with Momonosuke and informs Kaidou and Orochi of his failure to stop the operation followed by information that the pirates have breached into the performance floor already. The others reassure Orochi that with their concertated might focused on the island this wouldn’t present an issue and to continue relaxing but Orochi’s fears continue to grow and decides that crucifying Momonosuke will be the answer to solving this whole ordeal as he is their leader.

We then transition to Law’s group travelling in the submarine still on their way to the back of the island whilst Nekomamushi has met up with Marco and are also on their way to the island.

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Surprisingly we then see the first fight with the Tobi Roppo, Sasaki, end in the matter of 2 pages with “Kyoshiro” betraying him and chaining him up which was honestly a bit underwhelming but reasonable considering he could not have foreseen the betrayal. Next we see Ussop and Chopper in the tank running from Big Mom, Nami’s group running into Prometheus and Luffy meeting UITI And Page One. With these encounters our upcoming fights are locking in with the Straw Hats meeting the “enemy” for their respective fights.

One Piece chapter 983 Spoilers & Predictions :

as for One piece 983, Things are only going to escalate for the coming chapters as more and more of the rebellion members start encountering their enemies for the fight. As of right now however, the Tobi Roppo surprisingly aren’t the biggest threat as is:

Sasaki – was chained up this chapter within 2 pages and suppressed
UITI and Page One – are up against Luffy which will be unlikely the fight will drag out long as Zoro pointed out if they exhaust too much fighting now they’ll likely be too weakened to fight Kaidou so narrative wise Luffy shouldn’t have too much problem fighting them
Black Maria – Is busy partying with Kaidou and Orochi
Who’s Who – seems like he’s interested in killing Queen instead of his mission for some reason
Drake – being a spy is unlikely to fight the rebellion members seriously

With the Tobi Roppo not being the first hurdle it’s like Yamato will be playing a more significant role in the upcoming conflict or even the main focus instead with the Tobi Roppo being more of a “speed bump” and plot element in the war than actual “bosses” of the fight. The coming chapters should shed more light on this issue and help clarify the nature of the battle more.

One Piece Chapter 983 Release date and where to read:

One Piece Chapter 983 will be released on June 21st you can read the chapter at Mangaplus. However, the raw scans for the manga will be leaked online 2-3 days prior to the internet around June 21st and fans will start discussing the spoilers of One Piece 983 over on Reddit and other social media platforms.

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