Dr stone 155 Spoilers, Dr Stone manga chapter 155 Raw

Hi, welcome to my analysis of Dr stone chapter 154, below you’ll find spoilers about last chapter and details about raw release date. If you haven’t caught up with the latest chapters then please do as this post contains spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 153 Discussion (Recap):

The chapter begins Xeno and Senju mirroring each other in that they must get the other teams scientist, however their philosophies differ in that Senku wishes to caputer, but Xeno wants to kill.

We are introduced to a new character now, a lady who is typically THICC. She begins by asking Stanley whether they can trust Gen, which Stanley replies that they would need a brain scan if they suddenly trusted someone that double crossed his own people, and states that Gen is most likely a spy. Thicc girl is called Luna, and she had a band of simps chasing after her all carrying bottles of water for her, clearly she’s a princess who is pampered by her bandit of beta simps.

Stanley, Luna and the simps begin a stakeout of Senkus boat, where Stanley announces that he is position to snipe the science user, which goes to show that not only is he the real deal in terms of weaponry, they also don’t trust a word of what Gen has said.

Stanley also reveals he has Luna dress up in stripes so that he will be able to calculate the distance between his position and Luna, and he further reveals that his plan is to send Luna as a spy onto Senkus ship and her job is to find out who the real Science user is, then Stanley will be able to take him out which will end Senkus crew right there and then, and most likely they will attempt to absorb them into their own crew as they have previously said that they require more grunts.

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Luna then proceeds with the plan, pretending to be a maiden in distress and approaches the ship, Ryuu immediately picks up on how sketchy this situation seems however senku immediately approaches and brings Luna onto the ship, showering his with Ikeman affection, however Senku isn’t a moron, and his actions are explained simply, he just wants to pump as much info out of her as possible and send as much helpful information to Tsukasa as he can before dumping Luna. It’s a game of spy v spy and Senku isn’t going to miss an opportunity to turn the tables on Xeno if he even has a whiff.

Dr Stone chapter 155 Spoilers & Predictions:

Dr Stone chapter 155 it seems Senku will be trying to outwit Luna to get as much out of her as possible, and from this chapter it seems that she isn’t all that bright so this shouldn’t really be a problem. The hardest part will be Senku acting like he isn’t the scientist and for Taiju to act like he is but not enough for Luna to identify him as the one. As they haven’t seen Taijus face and only know his name, they are basically back to square 1 again, hence why Stanley sent in Luna, because they don’t know who the supposed scientist actually is, which is actually more dangerous for Senku as that protection that Gen bestowed on him earlier has been made irrelevant.

Another aspect that interests me is that Stanley, Xenos supposed best soldier is way off site trying to assassinate the scientist, which means that either Xeno is so confident that nothing will happen that he just doesn’t have any need for defences, or he has stashed away some more soldiers, or some form of defence system that he is sure that no matter what happens, he will be safe.

Dr Stone Chapter 156 release date:

Dr Stone 153 is scheduled for the 21th June, You can read Dr Stone manga chapter 151 on Viz or on the official website of Shueisha. Till that date read our latest posts: One piece 983 & My hero academia 276. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial illegal website. Please consider supporting the creator by purchasing the manga when it’s available.

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