Kingdom 644 Raw, Kingdom chapter 644 Spoilers and Release date

Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding kingdom 644 and recap of the most recent chapter of Kingdom, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 643 Discussion (Recap):

kingdom Chapter 643 takes place right after the awards ceremony. The entirety of the Ri Shin army is in the midst of a celebration that lasts for three days and three nights. Readers are also given a look of the new command structure of the army, including promotions.

Ri Shin commands 10,000 troops. Kyoukai commands an additional 5000 troops. The 1000 man commanders are En, Sosui, GakuRai, Garo, Naki, Suugen, and Denyuu. Ryuusen, Denei, and Hairou are now 500 man commanders. Taku is now a 200 man commander and also seems to be supervising the 800 man archer unit. Bihei is now a 100 man commander.

Although the war seems to have just ended, we are already provided with a timeskip of five months. During this time the Ri Shin army has been training, and is now headed to Gyou. Along the way Shin is greeted by Mouten and his new lieutenant Aizen (formerly From Moubu’s army). There they discuss that Ouhon is a day behind, but that he and Ouhon also command 10,000 troops each. They also discuss the fate of Riboku, with Mouten believing that it is only a matter of time before the Zhao King kills him.

Inside Zhao, we learn of a start of a civil war between Riboku’s supporters and those loyal to the king. Kaine is seen trying to free Riboku from his prison cell, however is actually put in a trap meant to cull Riboku supporters. Kaine survives, but her failure forces Shun Sei Jou to use his forces to try to free Riboku.

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inside the palace, the king is growing restless. He is annoyed that Riboku still breathes. He is reassured that the reason Riboku is still alive is so that his supporters won’t rebel. This is why traps are in place to kill as many supporters as possible so that when time comes to Riboku, it will be unopposed.

Kingdom Chapter 644 Spoilers & Predictions:

For the kingdom chapter 644, we can expect to see more of the internal struggle in Zhao. The Riboku supporters are sure to free Riboku of his chains.

Ouhon will also likely join Mouten and Shin at Gyou. This where we will learn that Akakkin has joined the Ouhon army. From there they will learn of Riboku’s breakout, and the situation in Zhao will now become much more dangerous for our friends from Qin. I expect for Kanki to be the commander of this new conflict with Zhao. We shall see!

Kingdom Chapter 644 Raw and Release date :

Kingdom Chapter 644 will be released on Thursday June 18th. and fans will be able to discuss kingdom 644 on Reddit and other social platforms. You can find the chapter on, for the best quality translation. Although Kingdom is not currently published in English, please support Hara-sensei. Thank you

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