Kingdom 637 Spoilers, Kingdom manga chapter 637 Raw

Welcome! The following discusses the most recent chapter of Kingdom manga and offers a prediction for chapter 637. This post contains heavy spoilers, so please be aware. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 636 Discussion (Recap):

This chapter begins with the wounded Qin troops, being led by Denrimi, finally entering Gyou. They are completely exhausted, as they were forced to eat all of their remaining warhorses. With teary eyes filled with hope, Bihei asks Shin if there is any food left in Gyou. He is informed of the hard truth that there is no food left in Gyou.

In a closed-door meeting between Ousen, Kanki, and each of their top officers, we learn that the Qin forces only have about two more days left without eating until the entire army reaches the point of total starvation.

kingdom chapter 637

Then we shift to Kantan to where Sei and company find out that they have successfully captured Gyou. However, they discuss how the locust strategy served as a double edged sword, as now there isn’t any food left for the invading army. Fortunately, Shou Hei Kun says that the plan is already underway to get Gyou the needed supplies. Kaioku is then seen at Retsubi leading 10,000 troops and a long line of supplies. He is met by Zhao general Ko Chou, and finds himself suddenly surrounded by Shun Sui Ju. His supply line is attacked by the Zhao, until they realize that this is another FAKE supply line. Where is the actual food coming from?

kingdom chapter 637

Kingdom Chapter 637 Predictions :

Kingdom chapter 637 we will most likely see how Gyou will get restocked. Will they get supplies from another Qin army or Shou Hei Kun general? What direction would they be coming from? How many troops would they be coming with?

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What we do know is that the fake supply line is meant to be a diversion. Now this could mean that we will have another army coming from the Taiko mountains which is near Koku You hills. The problem is that the generals that are in command there are general Domon, and General Kou Ryuu. Neither are big name Generals. Could Qin really entrust the lives of its best general in Ousen, its strongest army in Yotanwa, its best table turner in Kanki, and the combination of Ouhon, Mouten, Shin, and Kyoukai to General Domon? As Gyou’un stated before dying the worst possible situation for Qin would be for all of these commanders and armies to die. If another Great general like Tou or Moubu were leading the real resupply line, then that would be one thing. But we know that they are stationed elsewhere.

This is why I imagine the the yellow river will be used. The yellow river is extremely dangerous and is seldom used for transportation or trade today, but that is also why Riboku would never plan for Qin to use it.

Ultimately we will find out soon enough!

Kingdom Chapter 637 Raw and Release date :

The next chapter will be released on Wednesday, April 1st. Kingdom Chapter 637 Raw (Koreans) will be available 2 or 3 days before that date. the chapter is out and available Here. Although not an official source, Sensescans are the best unofficial source. While not currently available in English, please support Hara sensei when Kingdom becomes available to purchase.

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