Chainsaw Man Chapter 65 Spoilers, Raw and Discussion

Heavy spoilers for any newcomers to “Chainsaw Man”, be warned because we’ll be discussing the latest chapter 64 and then predicting what chapter 65 has in store. So feel free to catch up before you start reading.

Chainsaw Man – Chapter 64 Discussion:

Quick Recap
The chapter picks up where we left off in hell.
Quanxi calls a temporary truce with Denji’s bodyguards.
In exchange for bringing Denji’s heart to hell, the Darkness Devil gives the Doll Devil the power to kill Makima.
A flashback shows Santa Claus (at least its old man form) receiving a note stating that Makima is listening, the day of ruin is near, and a final imperative to kill Makima.

Things You May Have Missed :
Long and Pingtsi
We learn the names of two of Quanxi’s harem. I’d have to see the raw or Chinese translation to be sure, but I think her name is Long as in “dragon”. It’s an appropriate name after she breathed fire last chapter. Due to their superficial resemblance I thought she might be a Blood Devil like Power, but now I think she’s the Fire Devil. The significance of this is that we are now back to assuming every devil is unique.
Pingtsi is more difficult, the name is probably “Pingzi” meaning “jar, vase, bottle”. Perhaps her second head can swallow things. There’s not much to go on, if I have to guess which fear she is, for now I’d say claustrophobia.

Suicide Escape
When devils die in hell, they go to the human world and vice versa. However, they revive in a different form and only with the memory of the last sound they hear right before death. When Pingtsi asked for permission to kill herself, she was asking if it’s ok to abandon them and escape on her own. Even if her master escapes, reviving somewhere in the mortal world without memories and in a new form that might not even be humanoid would almost certainly be the end of their relationship.

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It’s interesting that darkness is a primal fear. Primal means first or fundamental, but fear of the dark is derived from other fears.
In the real world fearing darkness likely developed from the fear of nocturnal predators and people’s vulnerability in the dark, it’s dependent on the fear of predators, which depends on the fear of death and harm. Even if it’s not one of the first, the fear of darkness has long since surpassed fear of bestial predators and even violence. Perhaps this manga will have a creation myth that explains why darkness is a primal fear.

Message Hidden in Plain Sight?
The Darkness Devil is not quite constrained by reality and this is expressed in its interactions with the manga’s paneling. It can reaching out from the borders and even turn the characters’ arms into panels.
The floating arms on page 12 and 13 seemed to spell out words.
Some speculate the message says “Makima is” with the rest yet to be deciphered, personally I think this is a tad reaching.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 65
possible hidden message

Chainsaw Man – Chapter 65 predictions:

Reze is Here
The Bomb Devil should be in hell and might make an appearance, but she’ll be in a different form and have no memories.

Makima is the Fox Devil
The biggest mystery in Chainsaw Man right now is Makima’s goal and identity.
The Fox Devil is one of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man, so how afraid of foxes are you? As discussed in the Darkness section, the fear of darkness is built on the fear of predators. The fear of predation have long been surpassed by those that came after it, but it’s ancient nonetheless.
The Fox Devil is staying in Kyoto, Makima needed to go to a Kyoto temple to perform her most powerful feat.
The Fox Devil works with many devil hunters but only lets handsome men summon its head. Makima leads a large team but has spent extra effort wrapping Aki and Denji around her finger (he tends to look goofy now, but Denji is supposed to be a pretty boy).
And finally, the eyes.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 65
No other characters share these eyes

I think her end game might involve raising the fear of predators. Like if the world descends to hell. In the mean time she helps fight devils because dead humans can’t be scared and destructive battles in public make people afraid of being hunted by these supernatural monsters.
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Chainsaw Man Chapter 65 Release date and where to Read:

You can read the first and last three chapters for free here. Catch the next chapter on 4/5/2020.
You can find the official RAW here.

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