Chainsaw Man 73 Spoilers, Chainsaw Man chapter 73 Raw

What’s up guys? Denji, Power and Aki bond in the latest new chapter as Kishibe makes an appearance! So let’s discuss this chapter as we wait for Chainsaw man 73! Before you read on, please do make sure that you’ve caught up with Chainsaw man because this post will contain spoilers!

Chainsaw Man chapter 72 Discussion:

Chainsaw man has been putting out one wholesome chapter after another and this gives one a ‘calm before the storm’ feeling. With the sort of foreshadowing this Chapter was full of, it looks like Chainsaw man 73 will see a huge storm approaching our heroes. Aki goes on a trip to Hokkaido to visit his family’s grave. He also reluctantly takes along with him an unrelenting Denji and a calmed down Power. Kishibe makes his first appearance after the whole Santa Claus fiasco, to take care of Meowy.

This chapter of Chainsaw man is all about family. It’s about Aki trying to deal with his thoughts of revenge for his fallen family and his future with his new family. We see Denji and Power banter and fight and barf, steal food from graves and make trouble for Aki all the way till Hokkaido. We see how the equation between the three has shaped up, how comfortable they are around each other now. Power gladly listens to Aki now and Denji is more toned down when he reacts to Power drinking his blood. Aki takes a moment to think of the present situation and even thanks Denji indirectly for distracting him from his bad thoughts.

All this ultimately culminates in Aki coming to terms with the fact that he does not want to lose his  family to the Gun Devil again and requests Kishibe to let his unit back out from the Gun Devil hunting expedition. That this would also mean that Aki would never be able to know what happened to the Gun Devil is not enough to prevent him from backing out of the mission. Kishibe, though seems understanding of his predicament and grants him the permission to back out. It would be interesting to see how Makima reacts to this in Chainsaw man 73.The chapter ends with Aki returning home with Meowy as Denji and Power feed him an atrocious noodle dish making him barf!

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Chainsaw man 73 could probably see Aki’s decision to back out pissing off Makima. Knowing Makima, she will probably blackmail Aki into joining the expedition somehow. With all that happened in the last couple of chapters, it’s evident that both Denji and Aki are slipping out of Makima’s influence, something that she would absolutely not want to happen. This could make Makima take drastic steps wherein she might go as far as to even endanger Power’s life.

It will be interesting to see what Chainsaw man 73 brings but the past couple of chapters seem to have been a set up for a conflict between Denji’s group and Makima and this would severely hamper the organisation’s mission to hunt down and kill the Gun Devil. We also have Kishibe plotting to kill Makima so he could also side with Denji and gang. 
The Gun Devil is the endgame so it’s a given that Denji, who has his own set of mysteries, would be a part of talking it down!

Chainsaw Man 73 Release date:

Catch Chainsaw man 73 on the 14th of June! and make sure to check our latest chapters: Black clover 254
So what did you guys think of this Chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 73? What will be the consequences of Aki’s decision? Will Makima hurt Denji and Power or will she let them be? When will see the Gun Devil? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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