Kingdom 643 Raw, Kingdom chapter 643 Spoilers and Release date

Hello and welcome! It’s been over a month, but our beloved Kingdom has finally returned. As usual, the post will discuss Kingdom chapter 643 and give a brief recap of the most recent chapter, and will offer a prediction of what to expect in the next chapter. Heavy spoilers below.

Kingdom Chapter 642 Discussion (Recap):

kingdom Chapter 642, starts off five months after the the war against Southern Zhao. Qin citizens have been ordered or persuaded to move and occupy the newly acquired land. As a result, Ri Shi as also been sent to this area to ensure that there is law and order, and so that Qin’s presence becomes more legitimate.

In addition to learning of the massive migration taking place, we also learn that Wei has retaken Sanyou. However, the gains in land from Zhao is considered to be much more valuable. Needless to say, Tou has been sent back to the Wei/Qin border in order to prevent Wei from moving further inland.

From here readers are shown the reunion between Ten and Mouki in Kanyou. Mouki expresses gratitude for Shin being able to take out Houken, and avenging his “gramps”. Mouki also makes Ten aware of Shou Hei Kun’s plan and desire to attack Zhao’s capital. The reason being is that Riboku is still in chains, and this offers Qin their best chance to take out Zhao. Ten is alarmed, but agrees with their assessment. She shares that she is on her way to meet up with Shou Hei Kun, to provide further detail of what happened during the war. Mouki reassures her, and says that a couple of things need to happen before any invasion takes place, including the award ceremony.

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At the reward ceremony, we learn that Zhao has stationed its army in an attack position. This means that the Ousen, Yotanwa, and Kanki armies must remain stationed there. In fact only Ousen is permitted to return to Kanyou to accept his reward. Bajio, and Maron are sent to accept the awards on behalf of their commanders.

Ultimately, Ousen receives the highest award. It is shown that all of Ousen, Kanki, and Yotanwa received the same sword given to Tou when he became a great general. It is therefore implied that the three of them are now great generals.

Finally, we are shown Mouten, Ouhon, and Ri Shin recieving their awards. All three are awarded the title of general. We are then shown the reactions of the Hi Shin Unit when they learn of their captain’s achievement.

At last, after 642 chapters…Shin is officially a general!!

Kingdom Chapter 643 Predictions:

In Kingdom 643 we can expect to see the new structure of the Hi Shin Army. Shin will be in charge of 10,000 soldiers, while Kyou Kai will now be in command of 5000 soldiers. The Hi Shin Army will now have a total of 15,000 men.

In addition to these promotions, we will also see that other members of the Hi Shin Unit will be promoted as well. The biggest promotions will be with Garo, and Suugen. Both will now be 1000 man commanders.

We will also likely see in kingdom chapter 643 the attempt by Ri Boku’s followers to free him from prison. As many Zhao officers have pointed out, without Ri Boku, Zhao will have no chance of resisting Qin. My hope is for Kaine to fail in her attempt to free Ri Boku, and in doing so be kicked out of Zhao. This may set her up to join the Hi Shin Army and in particular serve as Ten’s bodyguard.

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We shall see!

Kingdom Chapter 643 Raw and Release date :

Kingdom Chapter 643 will be released on June 10th. and fans will be able to discuss kingdom 643 on Reddit and other social platforms. You can find the chapter on, for the best quality translation. Although Kingdom is not currently published in English, please support Hara-sensei when it is. don’t forget to check our latest posts: Black Clover chapter 254

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